To embarrass Putin during a meeting with Egyptian President

Путин оконфузился во время встречи с президентом Египта

During the press conference, Putin decided to make a joke…

The main Kremlin propagandist Dmitry Smirnov has published a curious case of Vladimir Putin.

The video he posted on his page on Twitter.

The head of the Russian Federation paid an official visit to Egypt. During the press conference he wants to make a joke.

“If not for the support our Egyptian friends, today’s summit probably would not be. And throughout the day, the President of Egypt sitting right next to me and helps me in my work. I have salary of his share,” he said.

The network reacted strongly to this attempt at humor:

“Oh. Humorist from God..”; “Hahahahahaha fucking funny,fuck this stupid old geriatric humor”; “Poor”; “Gather the texting our leader, will not give the abyss. Not soulless are we, the Europeans”; “How tired HE is, this is not a good person!”, “Hey, this is the pin code from your payroll card to Vladimir Putin remember..”; “healed Oh St. of Egypt”; “Pensioners of Russia have already shared…”;

“In his world everything is peachy.Jumping from one summit to another, stupidly sharpens the cunning Arabs skillfully gratifying his vanity by taking on the king, for it can of lard and a dozen to give, no, sorry. Somewhere outside the window there is some sort of Russia, but think about it does not want”;

“What is the position, after getting up from his knees, when a country with an impoverished population writes off billions of debt to Africa and ready to bring nuclear waste to the already stinking and dangerous dumps all over the country?”;

“We with a broad Russian soul: first the loan and then sold on the loan of military equipment.And then,in 5-7 years threw up his hands as with Cuba and many countries. I have a stupid question:can we stop Russian national sport of stepping on a rake?”;

“Russian also loves money, his whole life consists of a collection of money, shall be satisfied when I die”;

“Not the same, you fools, that would not understand that the money never comes back, wait another two hundred years. But the new contracts, friends in the UN vote in support of Russia. You do not care about Russia. You Putin stood in the throat..”;

“Why we need Putin? The President of Egypt, President of Russia! Sharmas!”

“Yeah for a cheap PR clown of the Kremlin, the Russian people paid$20 billion is written off Africa+Africans issued new loans of the same “qualities”-really..would be better if this “summit” and it was NOT-and when you will die clown country in General will rejoice…”.