To exchange pictures of ex on the Burger: Burger King has launched an unusual campaign for Valentine’s Day

New promotion for Valentine’s Day: Burger King offers Burger Whoppers in exchange for pictures of their ex. This writes Fox News.

Обменять фото бывших на бургер: Burger King запустил необычную акцию ко Дню Валентина

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While most restaurants are celebrating Valentine’s Day by collecting the happy couple, Burger King has a different approach. This year they hope that the lovers will exchange their memories about former lovers on the flagship Burger is the Whopper.

On Valentine’s Day the network of fast food will be giving out burgers in certain places in new York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston. Thus, customers will be able to bring a photo of their former and exchange it for the flagship Burger company.

In new York guests can also bring other items for example letters, soft toys or garments, but provided that they are connected with their exes.

Promotion as inspired by Valentine’s Day and the new movie “birds of Prey”, the latest in the cinematic universe DC Extended Universe. In the story, Harley Quinn broke up with the Joker.

“Who needs the wild card in this Valentine’s Day when you can have Burger, wrote the company in a press release. In a new partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures and their new film “birds of Prey” restaurants Burger King celebrate Valentine’s Day in the style of Harley Quinn”.




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