To fight insomnia: 10 methods that will help you to sleep

Insomnia — quite a common problem in modern society. To get rid of it is not so easy. But if you start to follow certain tips, you can begin to sleep. About effective methods to improve sleep, visit the website of Magicforum.

Побороть бессонницу: 10 методов, которые помогут выспаться

Method # 1: charging

In the morning you must do exercise. You ask how physical activity early in the day helps sleep? The main benefit is that morning exercise helps to immediately Wake up, get out of bed, cheer up and feel much better. This will allow you to stay awake throughout the day and in the evening to sleep.

Method # 2: Breakfast

Tasty and nourishing food allows you to Wake up faster. Besides before going to sleep you will think about that in the morning you will welcome the dish, then going to bed will be much nicer. Food can be a powerful motivator.

Method # 3: refusal of sugary drinks

Sweet drinks are not the best choice for the person who wants to sleep. Sugar consumption in General, it is better to limit after 17:00. As this will allow the body to sleep, to purify, to increase the metabolic rate during sleep. But insulin only have a negative impact on health.

Method # 4: fruit

However, a small amount of carbs won’t hurt. This will begin the production of melatonin, thus it is possible to overcome insomnia and how to sleep at night. Ideally it is better to abandon starchy fruit, such as bananas, but oranges or grapes wouldn’t hurt.

Method # 5: the rejection of coffee

Caffeine is able to increase the level of adrenaline. That is why it should not be taken after 17:00. And ideally completely abandon it, it will absolutely improve the quality of sleep.

Method # 6: reading

Reading helps to fight insomnia. It acts as a powerful sedative. If you add to this lesson a Cup of herbal, better than chamomile tea, the effect is simply stunning.

Method # 7: diary

In the past many wrote the diaries by hand, talking about the events of the day. This was done not so much in order to remember what it was, but for relaxation and a good night’s sleep including. It is difficult to imagine modern people, sitting in a chair in front of a beautiful notebook, but nevertheless this works and allows you to sleep. Instead of before going to sleep to think how to spend the next day, it is better to record everything in a diary, to plan and to erase already implemented.

Method # 8: sex

It is best to relieve stress after a day with the help of sex. Intimacy allows you to get rid of anger, irritation, negativity. Because in the process produces hormones oxytocin and serotonin that makes a person feel relaxed, sleepy and happy.

Method No. 9: the day

It is necessary to strictly follow the regime of the day. If you will Wake up and go to bed at the same time every day, the problems to sleep will not. And a dream we need to give 7-8 hours per day.

Method # 10: the rejection of the phone

It concerns the refusal of gadgets before bedtime. Smartphones interfere with quality sleep, causing insomnia. Therefore it is better to postpone it at night, with away. The clock is not within walking distance will make it easier to get up and Wake up.