To get rid of flat feet and foot pain will help 11 exercise

To regain the ease of the hike and clean up problems with the foot is quite feasible in the home

Избавиться от плоскостопия и боли в ногах помогут 11 упражнений

A person familiar with this disease, and is faced with a rather unpleasant feelings in area of the foot and deformity of the toes.

But there are a few exercises that with proper discipline will help to bring back the old spring back in your step and get rid of visible defects.

1. First sitting, then standing, alternately to put the foot on the outside and the inside. 10 times.

2. The rotational motion of the feet, placing your heels on the floor. In the same way as in the first exercise, sitting and standing for 10 times.

3. To get up from a sitting position and from a prone position on the outer arch of the foot. 10 and 5 times respectively.

4. Standing to roll with the heels on the socks. 10 times. The first stops are parallel, the second – heels together, toes apart, and the third socks together, heels apart. Feet shoulder width apart.

5. Lunges forward, turns left and right foot. Standing position, 10 times.

6. Do leg lifts in a sitting position. 10 times left, right and both legs.

7. Walking on inner and outer sides of the feet, heels and socks. For 5 steps.

8. To go through 40 steps heel to toe.

9. Roll left and right foot of the tennis ball. For 2 minutes each.

10. Roll cylindrical wooden stick with a diameter of from three to five cm forward and backward with both feet for 2 minutes.

11. Walk through the stick first placing the feet perpendicular to the surface, then the direction of movement. 2 minutes.

Exercises must be done daily for three to six months at a convenient time for you. After the restoration of the foot, it is advisable to forget about exercises at least once a week.

Избавиться от плоскостопия и боли в ногах помогут 11 упражнений