“To live, I’ll dobi under the scorching sun, drinking rotten water from the swamp”: a unique story of a seriously wounded battle

Anatoly MELNYK, “FACTI” Two strikes on the field of battle in Luhansk region, as the enemy of the remaining forces is trying to get drunk, having lain on important injuries of the fighter of the National Guard of Ukraine Dmytro iz positive» Without a hedgehog, under the stinging sun during the day and on cold nights. To survive, to fight beer, the rotten water of the dried-up swamp. І did get it right!

“Schalena specka. I feel like like blood step by step dressing up my robe»

The first qiu nbsp;nbsp;unknown story was to describe on Facebook the battle of the Evil Forces of Ukraine Max Bugel:

“Today is a good day. Ale is also  good — through those scho they did more good things on the right. At the hour of the exit, they knew the battle, who was wounded at the hour of the battle. In the  hot fight, he stepped up, and the lads were taken out. It turned out so that i the enemy stepped in.

In the results of a couple of days, Dmitro spent time in the settlement himself. Having put a turnstile and  upin the roof, but if injured, weakened  independently move to their own positions not zmіg. Know the clay pit, de & nbsp; So many youmu stabbed, schob trematisya the whole hour.

Yak tse okrem іstorіya. One fighter was moved to the position for the doctor, and another three triomas transported him over three kilometers.

Rady to the acquaintance of Dmitr. I don’t  show, as winning vitrimati and nbsp;living in this situation. I’m sure that everything will be good for him and I’ll be deprived of it. I thank you for my good health’I".

In the course of the year, the fighter-ryativnik specified that Dmitro had passed through the settlements not by Chotiri, but by two Dobi, and the group turned for to pick him up, but Max and Nbsp;brothers were caught by the first.

Dmitro “Fin” — an informed fighter, a kind of ninja zhartom calls himself a Viysk Robinson. The history of his happy order of the wines of the “FACTS”.

 the order of a seriously wounded battleDmitro “Fin” – an additional fighter

— A joint group of soldiers of the National Guard and Nbsp; Russians there, — like Dmitro. — We occupied the height. Dali violated the investigation. On visochinі lіs. That lіs behind the uniform of the pants. No wonder my th called the qiu position "Pants". At  lower legs «trouser» wheat, rilla, yari, chimali anti-tank rіv. There buv enemy. M & nbsp; When we carried out reconnaissance, we were spotted and started "criti" why what can… Possibly, the armored vehicles were pulled up. M & nbsp; tezh failed, and & nbsp; our mortars for & nbsp; our koreguvannyam successfully hit the enemy. But the forces were nervous, so we happened to go.

Read also: «I bachiv, like the enemy, directing a garmat on us” p> We went out like thick wheat… І axis injured one lad from our group, to finish the mіtsnogo for stature. Another lad perished in front of my eyes, carelessly jumping under the shelling. I bachiv, like coolers received a body, like they flew crooked cloaks. Ale needs to help the wounded. I mi double іz platoon commander of the 128th okremoi air assault brigade ZSU іz positive "Socrates" evacuation of our kid by a field under shelling. I dalі «arrived» already me.

— Did you hurt yourself?

— I'll move to my right hand. With my left hand I help to pull the wounded man. U right — machine ready. And here, in my eyes, the receiver of the machine gun bursts into friends, and the mainspring falls out. I fuck, that visible finger hangs unruly. Directly vluchennya right at & nbsp; I’ll take it! Even so, I went to put my own turnstile. Let's take an important blow to the forehead. Nache sledgehammer good-natured gepnuli.  hatted his eyes. The yak appeared, the sack got right at sholom A on the head was less than a ricochet. Ale bules were more visibly light wounds, so we pulled our brother!

I & nbsp; the axis of the & nbsp; Kulya got a suglob, having interrupted yogo. Potim «promandrovala» the body of that veined across below the clavicle. The lion's hand hangs unruly. Good, scho masculine cold-blooded "Socrates" having pressed me tightly with a turnstile. So vryatuvav life! The pull of the wounded me is no longer instant. І navit strong «Socrates» doubled us already not pulling… A & nbsp; zhorstoy bey near us. Kuli whistle, mini and grenades explode. The boys from the fox are handed over by racies, they can get to we can because   fired. Mi y ratio chuli, that another of our brothers was wounded in disguise.

Shalena speck. I feel, like like blood, step by step, I dress up my clothes. Plus mi w without a driver. Todi yak with important injuries and blood loss — smut drink yakomoga more and more often. Forces to sink simply on the eyes. A & nbsp; much less wheat. І from today, maybe, hour after hour, I spent my time. For memory’I remember now beat, now silence. Dekilka razіv. Flattening your eyes — I’m running that I feel alone nothing else.

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— And how you leaned on self on the battlefield?

— Maybe, after the devil, spend the evidence. I just start to close your eyes, and if you flatten — next to no one. Any “Socrates”, or a wounded comrade. De me, where to collapse — I don't understand. Raise your head like a — so they didn’t show and didn’t shoot, then in shooting ranges. A & nbsp; much less wheat. Zbroї u me no more, less less. The commander's phone number is maps. I have a good mind, that I won't go to to my own people with such injuries. Want to get to positions on highest. Also, navmannya poez u & nbsp; straight ahead. Abi get to "pants". Good, that the on earth were de-not-de following the Viyskian outburst. Mabut, our lads, yakі stepped up. I I orienting these traces.

Wheat will end, then the same anti-tank rіv and rіllya. Majestic mountains of the earth. And I, like a  snake chi lizard, am trying to recapture chi  I ask only one thing: abi don’t be ignorant. More yakbee didn’t hit me on th naked rilli, then they shot for sure b, then in shooting range. A more sprat once again beating its wounded head on the breast of the earth. The stench is already hard, moving stone, roasted on & nbsp; sun. A me without sholom. Also, such a blow to the skin with a ringing sound is on the head. I everything I got far enough to landing and crunches. Ale my comrades and there was nowhere.

I’m already more or less familiar with the place. І there are fields, thickets hover around the dog. Small, like that Yorkshire ter’er. I'm still not awed — Is there a dog here? I hoot, I smack. I here I’m running, what tse… a person in a military form. Our fight! I to new: "Friend, don throw me, help me!" Toy vidpoviv: “So.” І pishov in gushchi, de sign. I didn’t appear more than wine. Ale, I marvel at them place, the stars of vilaziv. There's no human trail, no’applications’of these bushes…

— Was didly a human being? Hey, maybe are you hallucinating?

& mdash; Already pimped. I bachu at tsikh writhing viyskovy pozashlyahovik. Kolony lad in the Ukrainian form. Go ahead! Exactly, our intelligence! I not yamiv, that the car did not momently stop to the height, de succession. I shout to the lads: “Help, I'm here!” And I don't smell that don't smell. I I call the landing of the remaining forces. It seems to be honest, it was fortunate that the village even didn’t have enemies, as if they could feel my blessing for help. Good those who I knowingly follow, de having taken position ahead of the day, our p_drozdil        for mayors. If povz, if yshov, hitting those spitting for gillaks and stovstorms of trees»

Dmitro «Fin» guess: pіd hієї vymushenoї “robinsonadi” Youma was helped to survive by the water of the swamps and the unsuccessful mandrias for the primars. Bo & nbsp; the lad has collapsed for an hour! And not freezing.

— At the lower reaches of the forest plantation and bright, where I th distant my my mandras — a swamp rozpovida fight. — І there at basins, clay and stones — water. Get water! High heat, high faded. I sorbav її great forgings. Then we know what a trace of a white cherevik is. There tezh nets drive. The very zavdyaki tsіy vodі I & nbsp; deshcho having renewed strength. Bo spraga didn just finish it, it fired fire at me. Everything was on fire. More trying to vibrate from of that bright. І nepritomnіv ta hugging up to the bottom here from three-meter height. If you sighed, your breasts were even more sore. I newly visibly, that the sticky ooze out of the body. Years later, the doctors explained that I'd better scored offended legends. The wounds bled on the floor. І old, і new.

In fact, I’m not doing anything & nbsp; for mayors. If you climbed, if you shoved, hitting those  spliffing behind  gillaks and  stovstorms of trees. An hour at a time I’m restless — flattening his eyes, and  potim vіdkrivav nache u snі. Possibly, and falling more. Ale collapsed… I, honestly seeming, tsey Rukh vryatuvav me.

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< strong>— Is now s bi sworn in the cold?

— So, nothing was too cold. And I, skrivavleniy, less in the summer jacket and trousers. Inkoli, in the cold, did not wear a tooth on a tooth. And I I didn go too far because of that bright I renew the hour at the hour having taken the water. Knowing more I'll have a little dance with bright and by typing from here drive tієї kalamutі. Twisting that  fly with your teeth and as if with your teeth її th twisting. The heat of the slurry, as if it stank of the sirvodniy. Ale for me was the best water in the world. So I witted my sweater… Popovz on & nbsp; galyavinka, where krіz the density of trees broke through the sound of the sun. There I winter.

—  Yak we experienced a friend for a good hour when the robinsonadi»?

& mdash; I I know with marennia. More and nbsp; the soldiers moved in again, as if to walk like a fox instructed by me, but not to fight me. A sche feeling the cannonade was shot, vibuhi. Galyavina, de   I  vranzі grіvsya, trembled at the vibes min. Chi killed ours, chi the enemy, I don't know. Possibly, it was a hell of a mess. But if I lying on distance in the distance in the eyes of a galyavin, the pieces of the earth twisted me. How can I lie down unobtrusively? Year, two, piv doby? I won't I'll say for sure.

And the first and another finish the quadcopter circling over the landing. Once hovered over me. So I waving my arms, shouting, trembling, abi remembered me. Chi tsey buv "quadric" — your own  stranger? I won't say. Ale after such a dermal coating, the landing was again densely shelled.

— How you felt?

— The left arm was injured, the floorings swelled up, so the spital couldn take off my rather spacious military jacket. And anniversary for niy just in’s all tightly at lo. Well the has already passed, if the turnstile is tightened on  On the right stretching finger is hanging. I more self-mutilation want to rip it off, so I don't mum. Not away… Before the speech, I had previously loosened the tourniquet with my teeth, but my hand did not die. And on injuries, wounds and slaughters after the fall, I already lost my respect.

Honestly, apparently, I being afraid of less than one — so that you don't die like a dog here in the bushes. Abi didn’t know anyone, de  grave. So that they knew less foxes, stray dogs and crooks. To that, having punished yourself: get up, collapse, to live. Axis so  calling another night, more  cold. I’ll start again so that I don’t  freeze… Ale's strength became less and less. Honestly kazhuchi, already peredchuvav naygіrshe. Shkoduvav for fathers, retinue, boys… And then I virishiv fight to the rest of your life.

they pulled my body with belts from automatic machines, and & nbsp;— Another early hope. І & nbsp; the axis of the bachu, the bright fights go. Good health, equipment. I think that the  Russian — everything, dude! Not only that, scho wb’yut, sch th torture before death, — guess “Fin”. — A y less zі sbroї less nіzh. I I lying, feeling. Ale poached one of the Ukrainian “pixel” boys. The soldiers also commemorated me. Shout Ukrainian: «T who? What is Robish here?» And I th can't move words because of my strength. Over the years, it appeared that a brigade company of another battalion of the Lvov 80th Air Assault Brigade was being deployed. The stench and became my yangol-guardians! The lads were also chasing the scene of the recent battle.

Then the stinks figured out who I i stars are. Bo & nbsp; they knew that at the hour of the last battle one of the soldiers was wounded, then I, “ruined.” And I didn’t remember how long it had passed, to saying that "Robinson" here already chotiri dobi. The boys brought me a plate of waffles. And and I more lads myself uttering a drink of water. Bo w the stench is also correct. The stench screeched, saying, like and drink that kalamut?

/p> Dmitr was known by the explorers, who were chasing the scene of a recent battle

— The boys in social mergers wrote that i your guard did not pass without help?< /p>

— Actually, I was evacuated under shelling. The lads squatted down. They made it possible to improvise burdens — they pulled my body with belts from automatic machines, and the arm itself was replaced by handles. They laid a thermal carpet under me. The most ridiculous thing was those that, under the vag of my body, that carpet was then torn. So I sidnitsa їhav on the earth. The more th trousers of that whiteness began to subside, also looking at the bare body of the stone ground. Ale, thank God, everything ended happily. Before speech, at their own village boys knew evacuation of one of our crooked brother — about what feeling ratio what wound disguise…

Already a year later, I recognized that     Socrates” And from the first wounded comrade, like I there ryatuvav, — alive! Tezh poneviryavsya foxes and plantings at the whispers of our lads. But still, you know, you need to get to the village road.

&laquo ;To live, I doby two under the scorching sun, drinking the rotten water from swamps»: a unique story about a seriously wounded battleDmitri was evacuated under shelling

— Which injuries and were you diagnosed with? І chi how long will you be able to see?

— They gave librarians near Bakhmut, Kramatorsk, Dnipro. Coming soon — Kyiv. Unfortunately, the left arm had to be amputated enough. Gangrene also started, so the doctors decided to carry out a reamputation, having removed all the swamp. The pierced finger was also amputated. In legenies, pneumothorax begins to develop. And more due to the introduction of marsh water, problems arose from nirks. Not  one operation ahead. I'm already skeptical that I'll be able to install a prosthesis to replace an amputated arm. Get on your feet!

Surely, relatives near — the fathers, the squad, the comrades, the neabiyak, were worried. Ale, let me know better and understand better. At the same time, it’s around me. We will help you for  helping us with the help of others.

“I'm sure that I should be able to install a prosthesis instead of an amputated arm. I'll get back on my feet!” – apparently Dmitro

— What helped you survive? How you stand before your feat?

— What helped to survive? Miracle, God's caress, willpower, hardening of the body, showcase that vira. Chi bow tse feat? I just robbing a mustache, abi vizhiti! About all this history, I will say briefly. In & nbsp; movies like this are always heroically romanticized and & nbsp; pathetic. And y life is richer prosaic, more importantly th more tragic.

P. S.You can help Dmitrov for the next details: 5 375 411 501 243 203 Irina Finashina, Dmitr's team

: the capital's doctors pulled out a sly trick, which snarled for a millimeter into the heart of a Ukrainian soldier

Photo by Dmytro «Fin»

Photo of the fight Facebook Max Bugel


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