“To marry is not promised”: Viktor Pavlik told about the relationship with young lover


«Жениться не обещал»: Виктор Павлик рассказал об отношениях с молодой возлюбленной

Popular Ukrainian singer Viktor Pavlik admits he does not want to have more children. It is known that Victor not so long ago surprised his fans with a romance with 25-year-old Catherine Repacholi. Moreover, it turned out that their relationship lasted for four years. Catherine’s doing the PR of the musician and his concerts. On all tours it accompanies a loved one. Katie was not only in Lviv, at the concert “Music platform” dedicated to the Independence Day, which will show the channel “Ukraine”. In an exclusive interview with “FACTS,” Victor admitted that this is the first time in a long time, they might not together.

— Of course I do, ‘said Victor. — Katya now my mom is resting in the Maldives. But we kept in touch. Do not cease to say that love has no barriers. At any age you can surrender to this beautiful feeling. Yes, I am 53 years old and Kate is 25. But with the same success, I might be 70, and she is only 16! And this happens in life happens. Our difference — 28 years but not catastrophic. Yes, I admit that we shared quite a few years. Kate was born in 1994 and I was in this time in full play rock-n-roll!

— Like any girl, Katya probably dreaming about the wedding.

But we’ve never had such a condition — be sure to sign. There is first of all a responsibility before God. In any case, I hope that our meeting for a lifetime. As for the wedding, then I can say that it will not be pompous. Rather, symbolic. For me there is already a novelty. But I understand that Kate wants to wear a white dress, veil. I assure you all that she is.

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— Then the kids go.

— Honestly, I don’t think about it. Yet this is not an issue. I’ve already have three children and three grandchildren. By the way, I noticed recently that the older you get, the harder it is to perceive small children. They are constantly screaming, whining, being mean. But Katya knows about my attitude towards children. And, I think, still quietly preparing me for fatherhood. In General, if it did happen (God forbid!), then I will just continue to go on tour and think “Thank God I now give concerts!” Kate knows that with the birth of a child she will not be able to be constantly with me on the road. So while motherhood is not in a hurry.

— You have an interesting history with Catherine…

— It happened four years ago. Kate then said that from an early age was my big fan. And then I had a concert in Nikolaev. Kate found out about it, bought a ticket and went by train to Nikolaev. Told me that before my speech, been looking for a suitable bouquet — she certainly wanted to give it to me herself on stage. And after one of the songs Kate came up to me with a huge armful of flowers. Said something about how I’m her idol, and went down to the auditorium. I admit, I immediately drew attention to it.

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— What are you doing?

— Our acquaintance was Katina initiative. It turned out that at the concert she heard I was advertising the hotel in which he settled. It so happened that Kate lived there, too. Remember, after a concert in Nikolaev we musicians have not yet went to sleep — had dinner, drank, ate. And Katya, it turns out that all this time was waiting for me at the hotel. Probably about two hours. In the hotel I returned after midnight. Remember giving you a huge bouquet of flowers on duty the receptionist and up to his floor. The musicians lived in the surrounding rooms, I shouted, “Bye!” — turned around… and saw Katya. She stood in the hallway, opening the door of your room, too, and looked at me. And then I recognized her as the girl who gave me a bouquet. Approached her, said Hello, we struck up a conversation. Then she took her phone, the next day wrote. We started to chat. And after some time, Kate had already arrived to the concert with me in Truskavets.

— Your novel fast-paced?

— I know Kate for a long time turned to me “you”. In Kiev we met often in restaurants. And then one day I brought her home. And kissed it. Trembling. Yes, it was not some kind of particularly grooming — sunrises, sunsets, serenades under the window. You just have to know me to understand that I just won’t do. But my feelings were real. And now they are as strong as four years ago.

— They say that youth is fueling.

— I know it. And Kate too. I’m really fed from her and she from me. As for four years I learned Kate, no one knew me! Nor any wife, nor Larisa, with which we have lived together for more than 20 years. Not even my mom.

— How did this happen?!

I don’t know. I think that this is the case, which is called fate. Just happy that in my life, I still managed to find his soul mate.

We know that you recently returned from a holiday in Greece.

Yeah, but he began even to forget. First Katya and vacationing in Greece, then flew to Lisbon to shoot a video for the song “Konvalija”. Held in Portugal four stunning day. Have rented a car, drove to the ocean to shoot beautiful footage. They even wanted to swim, but the water was very cold — 13 degrees! In General, in Portugal, to rest almost failed. From Kiev we flew a team of nine people: the Director, cameraman, dancing girls. I admit, the clip cost me a pretty penny — about 20 thousand dollars. However, I have always for life that is earned, and given.


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