To reduce the cholesterol will help the tomatoes

Experts told about the benefits and amazing properties of tomatoes.

Снизить холестерин помогут помидоры

For the prevention of cardiovascular disease need to consume more tomatoes.

According to doctors, the tomatoes are regulated as fruits because they contain a substance that is able to suppress the development of vascular disease in the beginning. Component 9-oxo-octadecadienoic, which is in tomatoes, has antidyslipidemic effect.

Dyslipidemia (dyslipidemia) is a disease that is caused by an abnormally high amount in the bloodstream these lipids (fats), like cholesterol.

The studies revealed that 9-oxo-octadecadienoic increases the oxidation of fatty acids and actively contributes to the regulation of hepatic lipid metabolism.

Experts note that the identified properties of tomatoes also help to combat the negative consequences of malnutrition.