To reduce the risk of kidney disease, said the doctors

Those people who prefer to replace processed meat, salt and soda to fruits, vegetables and fish may reduce the risk of kidney disease by 30%. These are the results of a decade of observations of 630 000 people.

Как сократить риск болезней почек, рассказали медики

Researchers from Bond University in observations for more than half a million residents of Australia for 10 years have proven that a healthy diet reduces the risk of kidney disease, and very significantly. In particular, it is proved that prefer fruits, vegetables and fish instead of processed meat, salt and soda people 30% less frequently faced with chronic kidney disease. This incurable disorder can occur in a mild form is almost without symptoms and in most severe, causing renal insufficiency requiring hemodialysis and organ transplantation.

Obtained additional evidence of how great importance in building human health is its food. Well, authorities in many States due to more active promotion of fruits, vegetables and fish to drastically reduce the number of kidney disease among its citizens. This will save significant costs for their treatment. However, today most doctors recommend their patients to consume as a lot of fruits and vegetables, limiting in the diet of saturated fats, sugar and salt.

The results of this study also showed that a healthy diet reduces the risk of albuminuria, that is early signs of renal damage, 23%. Albuminuria occurs when it enters the protein albumin in the urine. This protein plays an important role in building muscle, tissue repair and fighting infection, but when present in urine, it indicates that the kidneys are not filter the blood properly.