To remove inflammation of the pancreas can help some products

Artichokes, carrot-beet drink herbal tea: according to experts, the use of these products can act on the inflamed pancreas as medication. But the list of products to be able to take it off the inflammation does not end there.

Снять воспаление поджелудочной железы могут помочь некоторые продукты

Doctors say that the health of such organs as the liver and pancreas, is directly dependent on eat people. On their condition primarily affects positively the consumption of natural and fresh foods.

In particular, to remove inflammation of the pancreas helps to drink natural drink made from carrots and beets. For its preparation it is required a quarter of a medium size beet, one carrot, a glass of water and five tablespoons of lemon juice. Carrots and beets are crushed in a blender, mixed with water and lemon juice.

Herbal teas contain in its composition of antioxidants – a substance known for its ability to prevent and fight inflammation in the body tissues.

Artichokes, in addition to anti-inflammatory actions, facilitate the process of digestion of fats in this respect, they are useful not only to pancreas but also the liver, the gallbladder.

Irreplaceable fighters against inflammation in the body – fatty acids omega-3. Experts recommend to consume food containing their products. One of the best in their series are avocado and Flaxseed oil. However, even these healthy foods should not be consumed too actively, experts remind.

Another product useful to combat inflammation is grains. First of all, it is recommended to use millet and buckwheat, which contain enzymes that stimulate digestion and facilitate the work of the pancreas.