‘To return to Ukraine more dangerous than staying in China’: the Ukrainian student about the situation with coronavirus

Ukraine evacuated from the center of the epidemic of coronavirus in China in Wuhan 49 of its citizens. But not all Ukrainians who live in China, in a hurry to go home. Among them was a student of Tatiana Kuranova, writes DW.

'Возвращаться в Украину опаснее, чем оставаться в Китае': украинская студентка о ситуации с коронавирусом

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Although student and blogger Tatiana Karanova from Zaporozhye live 700 kilometers from the epicenter of the epidemic of the coronavirus in China, Wuhan city and life in the time of the epidemic have changed in her town.

Tatiana lives in China for almost three years. With the beginning of the epidemic of coronavirus has become an active blogger and reports on events in China on my channel Telegram #setuppriority about life in the country and why she is in no hurry to leave China.

“After nearly three years of living here it is very hard mentally and physically to pack your things and leave. I study at the University, and this is my last semester. Here I have to defend my thesis. My visa is valid till July — says Tatiana. — Another reason why you do not want to return to Ukraine, is a long path and a very high probability of getting sick. Airports and aircraft — it is a large crowd of people, I now get around. If you go, the risk will be not only I, but also all my relatives. I don’t want to tell anyone.

In addition, she says that the options are to leave the country not so much.

“You can say that to get now it is very small. My University needs to make an official statement on the extension of the quarantine or the beginning of classes. Finally, I’ll decide what to do next, in March,” — says the girl.

Ukrainian says that while none of her friends are not infected.

“Recently my friend had a fever. Although the coronavirus were not confirmed, at first I was extremely nervous. Because this virus is really starting to worry about getting sick himself, and can infect a large number of people, — says Tatiana. Is the main fear for me, though I’m also afraid of getting sick. But we live in such conditions for almost a month during the epidemic. And although now some of the factories, large corporations have resumed their work, this is not about education, entertainment, food. All of these places as were closed, and closed now.”

“As for my situation, I can safely go out (always in a protective mask). We in Succo now there are no limitations on the number of times a day, as in Wuhan. I understand that in an infected Wuhan is a very difficult situation, — says Tatiana. — Despite the fact that now in China, in each city the situation is different, I also understand that people can break patience. On the Internet there is information that in Wuhan sort of jumping out of Windows. In the city and the environment, I see that all is calm in the future ill support doctors, patients”.

In the Internet there are many different videos about the current situation in China. The girl on the channel in Telegram warns that among them there are a lot of fakes.

“Of course, I understand and I want to warn everybody that there are a lot of fake information. For example, some video from unknown sources that apply from the beginning of the epidemic, that people kind of fall in line. In most cases it is fake. As for the death penalty (as the maximum penalty for willful concealment of symptoms of coronavirus or distortion of information about the patient’s condition), it is true, I read the news in Chinese — says the Ukrainian. — I monitors Weibo (one of the largest social networks in China), and there shall also not too positive moods against the virus, because people are tired and suffer. Besides, now people have large economic problems. Many do not work. The virus could not cope as fast as I wanted. I hope it will end as quickly as possible. Because I still believe that it is better than the Chinese, that we couldn’t have done. And it is also one of the reasons why I don’t want to return to Ukraine”.

On my channel Telegram girl says that does not understand the Ukrainians protesting against the deployment of their settlements evacuated from Wuhan citizens.

“Please be healthy and filter information now, especially about China. Everyone wants to cash in on this information. Actually, it’s not so scary and don’t panic. Yes, it is an unknown virus, but these days that perhaps we’ll all have to live with it for a long time, the girl says. And I hope that in three years or five, or even faster, it will be like a normal flu, which, by the way, also people die. But it is not a sensation. And I hope we all can survive. As for me, Yes, my life here is a very interesting experience. But if I had more time to go through it, I never would have agreed. Be healthy”.



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