‘To seal’: in Maine, a shark killed a woman

Monday, July 27, off the coast of Maine shark attacked and killed a woman. This writes the New York Post.

'Приняла за тюленя': в штате Мэн акула убила женщину

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The woman swam to the shore of Bailey island. Around 15:30 the witness saw that she was attacked by something like a shark, said Marine patrol Maine.

According to the patrol, a pair of kayakers helped her to reach the shore, and medics arrived on the scene to provide further assistance, but at the scene she was pronounced dead.

The victim’s name not yet released, as the woman’s family has not yet notified about the incident.

This incident became only the second was unprovoked shark attacks in the state.

“The interaction of sharks with humans is very rare in Maine — said the expert on sharks New England James Sulikowski. — I assume that the shark mistook the woman for food.”

Sulikowski, which is engaged in research at the University of Arizona, says he is quite sure that the big fish attacked the victim, was a great white shark. They can reach lengths of over 15 feet (4.5 m).

According to him, in recent years off the coast of Maine noted a few large predators of this species.

Sulikowski said that on Sunday, July 26, the same shark attacked a seal in Phippsburg (me) before heading to the South of the state.

Sea patrol urged swimmers and boaters to be careful and Sulikowski also warned people not to go near the seals.

“We are easily mistaken for seals, and it is lunch for a shark,” he said.


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