To sleep, to survive, to communicate – and other secrets of centenarians

In recent years, the number of people who live more than a century, is increasing. And scientists are very interested in whether you can help to live to a hundred years the greatest number of people.

Спать, не переживать, общаться – и другие секреты долгожителей

American scientist Dan Buettner decided to find out what features distinguish centenarians. He has long watched people living in recognized as the “land of centenarians”. There are several areas where the largest number of centenarians. This is a city in Italy, Greece, Japan, USA and Costa Rica.

By the way, scientists cannot find an explanation for why in some areas the number of centenarians in the population is much higher than the average for the country. As it turned out, the centenarians in different parts of the world do have much in common.

Generally, centenarians lead an active social life. They have a lot of friends, and they maintain contacts with relatives. Centenarians move a lot – not necessarily talking directly about sports, for example, someone was always working on a home site or liked to dance. They also found that most centenarians consider myself to be some kind of religion or spiritual practice.

Centenarians sleep at least eight hours a day. Many of them adhere to the diet, a plant-based diet. Basically centenarians eat food average calories and allow myself alcohol in moderation, most often it is red wine or whiskey.