To the East of Japan, a Typhoon is coming ‘Hagibis’ (PHOTO)

Typhoon “Hagibis” approaching Japanese Honshu. Currently it is located to the Northwest of the Bonin Islands and is moving North at a speed of 25 km/h wind Speed is estimated at 180 km/h, gusts exceed 250 km/h, informs Japanese meteorological Agency (JMA).

October 12, the Typhoon will cover extensive areas of Eastern Japan, including Tokyo. Meteorologists noted that this tropical cyclone is very extensive, it is likely to bring Gale and heavy precipitation in other regions of the country, reports Stormnews with reference to the NHK.

From Friday to Saturday predicted heavy rains on the Pacific coast of Eastern and Western Japan. They can cause floods and landslides. In the regions of Kansai, Shikoku and Tokai gusts of wind can reach 108 km/h or more. Authorities warned residents of areas lying in the path of the Typhoon, and asking them to prepare for stormy weather.

The national meteorological administration of Japan already likened approaching Typhoon “Hagibis” with the Typhoon “IDA”, which in 1958 fell on Japanese territory and claimed the lives of over 1200 people. Japanese meteorologists noted the high probability of record-breaking rain and the threat of landslides and flooding, reports TASS.

It is expected that the Japanese capital he will reach in the night from Saturday to Sunday. The approaching Typhoon caused large-scale disruptions and stoppages in the aviation and rail transport, which in the next two days will only get worse.

In particular, Saturday morning will be completely shut down rail service on the lines of the country’s largest operator is JR, and the local airlines have canceled hundreds of flights, both domestic and international.

Due to the Typhoon carmaker Toyota decided on 12 October to suspend three of its plants in the prefectures of Fukuoka, mie, and Gifu.

Bad weather also caused the cancellation of matches of the Rugby world Cup and transfer of the qualifying rounds of the Grand Prix of Japan world championship racing in the class machines “Formula-1”.

Storm on the Izu Peninsula:

Tropical storm “Hagibis” formed in the Pacific ocean on October 6. Two days later, he became a super Typhoon hit the southern part of the Mariana Islands. The velocity of the wind exceeded 250 km/h On them inhabited the southern part without serious consequences and victims. On Saipan there were problems with electricity, fallen trees damaged cars and in some places there was flooding.

After the Mariana Islands “hagibis the” continued movement of the Philippine sea. Closer to Japan, it lost some strength but still remains a powerful Typhoon.