To the entrance of the secret ‘Area 51’ in Nevada came to about 75 people, two people arrested (PHOTO)

About 75 people gathered in the night on Friday at the entrance to the air force base, Homey Airport, located in the state of Nevada better known as Area 51 (Area 51), two were arrested, reports TASS with reference to the American TV channel CBS.

On the night of 27 June 2019 20-year-old California student Matty Roberts for fun via Facebook asked everyone together to storm “Area 51” because no system of protection will not be able to stop the crowd. In his post he wrote that, breaking into the base, all you can see for yourself on the samples of alien technology and maybe even aliens themselves.

After a few days his call to “Take by storm Area 51. They can’t stop all the” viruses began to disperse around the world. About 2 million people reported that they intend to take part in the attack on the base on September 20.The organizers noted that the government will not interfere if the base will try to get a large number of people.

Immediately after the joke Matty Roberts acquired viral spread, it visited the FBI agents to find out his intentions. The student was able to convince the detectives that collects bombs, and did not do anything wrong.

In the towns of Rachel and Haiku in Lincoln County that is located near a top secret air force base, home to just 173. Around – endless dismal semi-dusty roads.

The Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee warned that even if these places get just 1% of those who said Facebook of its intention, the local government simply cannot cope with the influx of people.
Those who still arrive, have warned that the entry into the territory of the base will be detained and fined in the amount of up to $ 2,000.

And in the US army warned about the other. The press-Secretary of the air force Laura McAndrews the BBC said that any attempt to illegally enter a military facility or a landfill life-threatening. Thus, while trying to storm a military base does not exclude human sacrifice.

“Area 51” – the common name of the secret object of the US air force in Nevada, which, according to one version, from 1955 to develop and test experimental aircraft technology. Due to increased security measures on the basis of many proponents of conspiracy theories believe that there is military hiding evidence of the existence of aliens.
Supporters of various conspiracy theories concerning aliens, visit the area “Area 51” over the years.