“To the stars” with brad pitt and other premiere of the week: what to watch in the cinema at the weekend (video)

«К звездам» с Брэдом Питтом и другие премьеры недели: что посмотреть в кино в выходные (видео)

In Ukrainian rolling out five new films. Domestic filmmakers submit a full adventure picture “Fokster & Max”, which is suitable for going to the movies with the whole family. Brad pitt’s fans will see his fantastic film “To the stars”, and Sylvester Stallone in the action movie “Rambo: Last blood.” Keira Knightley showed their talents in the drama “State secrets.”

“To the stars”

(12+ USA, 20th Century Fox, fantastic, budget — $ 80 million)

The film was made an American film Director and screenwriter James gray. According to him, the film is partially based on the famous novel of Joseph Conrad “Heart of darkness”. One of the producers was brad pitt. He also played a major role. A famous actor plays an astronaut who went on a dangerous journey in search of his father, missing in the study of alien civilizations. This role was played by the winner of the award “Oscar” Tommy Lee Jones (“the Fugitive”). The film also starred Donald Sutherland (“the Best offer”), Liv Tyler (“Lord of the rings”), Ruth Negga. By the way, Nigga and pitt have worked together in the film “world War Z”. And Lee Jones and Sutherland starred in the film “Space cowboys”.

About the beginning of the movie gray said in may 2016, during the Cannes international film festival. And the premiere took place on 29 August 2019 at the festival in Venice, although initially it was stated the other day — January 11. Then it was moved to 24 may, but in the end I had to wait another three months.

Western media believe that “To the stars” in the first UIK-end hire will gather in the U.S. and Canada for at least $ 20 million.

“Fokster & Max”

(0+, Ukraine, Pronto Film, adventure, sci-Fi, budget — 40 million UAH)

The film was shot by renowned Ukrainian Director Anatoly Mateshko (series “birthday bourgeois”). The script was written by his wife Anastasia Mateshko.

12-year-old schoolboy, escaped from the house, draws under the bridge graffiti cute dog. Suddenly the dog comes to life and it turns out that the nanorobot with amazing abilities and unlimited possibilities. Only now, in an unusual dog and his friend, a boy hunts the villain. He wants to get the secret technology that was used to create dogs.

The film was shot in Kyiv in 2017. Almost all of the financing was provided by the state of Ukraine. The film is already interested foreign distributors.

“Rambo: Last blood”

(16+, USA, Lionsgate, action)

In 1982 in the United States released film “First blood”, which made Sylvester Stallone one of the main stars of fighters in world cinema. He played a Vietnam war veteran who is forced to take up arms at home to protect themselves from police brutality. The film was produced by registeration by Kotcheff, has become a cult all over the world, including the Soviet Union, although it was forbidden for ideological reasons. First “First blood” was able to see only happy owners of VCRs. Then, a few years later, it was played often on the sly, in video clubs in every town in the vast expanses of the USSR. In world hire the picture has collected 125,2 million dollars with a budget of $ 15 million.

John Rambo was loved by the audience that in 1985 came the sequel, “Rambo: First blood 2”. Hero Stallone has again to go to Vietnam to pull out a held in captive American soldiers. This picture was shot by George Cosmatos. Charges made 300,4 million dollars (at a cost of $ 25.5 million dollars). It became clear that Hollywood found a gold mine.

“Rambo III” (directed by Peter McDonald) appeared in 1988. John was this time in Afghanistan. And it made the trilogy one of the most criticize the Soviet critics of Hollywood creations. The third part of the budget has increased to 63 million dollars, but the fees fell. They amounted to 189 million dollars. It was decided to put an end. However, exactly 20 years after Stallone returned to his famous character.

“Rambo IV” was removed Sylvester. He decided that John should settle down in a quiet place away from America. And sent his hero in Thailand. But there was a Vietnam vet there is no rest. He has to rescue Christian missionaries. The shooting took 50 million dollars. The film brought of 113.2 million dollars.

It seemed that the story ended. But Stallone didn’t think so. After 11 years he produced “Last blood”, obviously hinting in the title that it is now goodbye to Rambo. The action takes place in Mexico. And again attempt to retire to a quiet place (now a ranch in Mexico) leads to collapse — from Rambo’s missing niece. The girl was kidnapped on the orders of the leader of one of the cartels…

“State secrets”

(16+, USA, UK, IFC Films, Thriller)

The film is based on real events. The story began in 2003, and still it does not come to an end. A British intelligence employee Katherine gun learned about the conduct of the illegal operation, organized jointly by the special services of the USA and the UK. It was about blackmail diplomats from several countries, whose goal was to get them to vote for the resolution of the UN Security Council concerning Iraq. This document effectively gave the United States the right of military intervention in Iraq. Gan made it so that an intelligence operations learned media…

Work began on the film in 2016. Was approved by the cast. It included Harrison Ford, Morgan Freeman, Anthony Hopkins, Paul Bettany. As for the role of Catherine Gan was invited by Natalie Dormer. However, after that everything froze. The project was only back in 2018 with other actors. The main role is played by keira Knightley (“pirates of the Caribbean”). With it starred well-known actors Ralph Fiennes (“the English patient”) and Matt Smith (“Terminator: Genesis”). The world premiere took place in the winter of this year in the framework of the world’s largest festival of independent cinema Sundance in the United States. Critics noted the excellent game Knightley, but otherwise gave the painting the average rating.


(16+, USA — UK, CBS Films, documentary)

Known American film Director Ron Howard (“Apollo 13”, “mind Games”) directed the film about legendary Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti. The widow of singer Nicoletta Mantovani gave Howard full access to the family archives. In the end he got the story about the time when I lived singer. Viewers will see Princess Diana, Director spike Lee, Placido Domingo, Bono, Stevie wonder, Jose Carreras and even Enrico Caruso.

The film was a success in the West, collecting 6.4 million dollars, which is an excellent figure for a documentary.


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