To your spoons, to the soup!

&To your spoons, to the soup!


With the month of October looming – bringing with it the beauty of fall colors, but also cool days – what could be better than a good hot soup after a long hiking.

If you haven't planned it and there's no pot waiting for you on the way home, here are some restaurants where soup is a hot topic !

Bistro of Belgian beers

Speaking of comforting soups, it's hard to miss the unbeatable onion soup. A rich sapid broth slightly sweetened by tender onions, crowned with still crackling cheese au gratin… At the Belgian Beer Bistro, it is concocted with Maudite beer (Unibroue) and real Emmental cheese, making it a must for a very long time. long. 

Seafood lovers will opt for the clam chowder, this one made with lightly creamed chicken broth, then loaded with clams, bacon and potato cubes . The bistro also specializes in mussels and fries, with no less than fifteen variations: you will be warned.

2088 rue Montcalm, Saint-Hubert

Life Life – Health Counter

In Saint-Hyacinthe, there is a very friendly little bistro where you can sit down for lunch or dinner to enjoy healthy dishes, bursting with freshness, all entirely vegan. Alongside nutritious bowls, pizzas and wraps, fall also gives way to a selection of soups that will invigorate our day. Pumpkin, potato and curry soup, or butternut squash, carrots, ginger and pumpkin spice?

438 avenue Saint-Simon, Saint-Hyacinthe

Satay Brothers

One word: Laksa. This Singaporean soup that the Satay Brothers restaurant specializes in.

Imagine the soft and complex aromas of coconut, lemongrass, homemade curry with a thousand and one spices… The tenderness of the rice noodles and prawns, the crunchiness of the vegetables… Once in the mouth, we are charmed by the richness of the broth caressing and coating our taste buds, in order to protect them from a possible attack of the pepper paste. A sprig of cilantro for freshness, then we're ready to do it again.

A real delight!

< p>▶ 3721 Notre-Dame Street West, Montreal

Olive and Gourmando

If you are in Old Montreal and a craving arises, the Olive et Gourmando restaurant is always a destination of choice. Inside these windows hide a warm festive atmosphere, colorful walls that put a smile on your face, a stall of mouth-watering homemade delicacies, but also some soups that certainly have something to rival the your grandma's vegetable soup. A nostalgic chicken noodle soup like no other, a hearty Indian lentil soup, or one of our favorites, the very mushroom: you will quickly understand that these recipes are the result of more than 20 years of research and development !

351 Saint-Paul Street West, Montreal

< strong>Tommy Dion is a columnist/food critic and founder of the web platform and gourmet guide