Today ends the period of summer time (PHOTO)

Сегодня заканчивается период действия летнего времени (ФОТО)

Sunday ends life in summer time and 2am on Sunday, most Canadians will put the clock on the 60 minutes ago.

At this moment there is a return to standard time. Of course, you will not be fined if you make all the necessary manipulations before bedtime.

Most mobile phones automatically update the time, but other clocks in your house, you may need to do it manually.

On Friday, the city administration of Toronto has issued a press release urging residents to be careful, because the reduction in daylight hours will reduce visibility for road users. The press release says that in the evening hours from November to March, the number of pedestrian accidents has increased by more than 30%.

In the city launched a campaign to improve road safety in connection with the transfer clock. In the mayor’s office said that similar efforts in new York helped reduce the number of accidents with fatal outcome.

Patricia Lakin-Thomas, Professor at York University, many people who have to move from one time to another, experiencing discomfort from the fact that the internal sense of time does not have time to adapt – about the same happens when you change time zones while traveling by plane.

According to Lakin-Thomas there are studies that confirm that failures in the internal timer of the person lead to an increase in the number of accidents, heart attacks, strokes, work injuries, and also to weight gain and the emergence of anxiety.

The transition to summer time produce all canadian provinces, except Saskatchewan, which was cut from the team and is living on standard time all year round. British Columbia recently passed legislation, also deciding to give up the clock, but preferring the old version.

For the first time the daylight saving time occurred in Ontario in 1918. As explained by Lakin-Thomas in an interview CTV News Toronto, the reason for this was to save energy due to the natural increase in photoperiod.