Today in Ottawa, will hold its first meeting of the liberal party (PHOTOS)

Сегодня в Оттаве пройдет первое заседание либеральной партии (ФОТО)

Re-elected, newly elected and even the loser liberal MPs will meet today on Parliament hill for the first time since the election last month, Canadians hamstrung the government headed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The two – hour meeting is not a formal meeting, an opportunity to congratulate the winners and sympathize with losers.

The Trudeau government was extremely weak, when the liberals won 157 seats, that is, to get a majority in the House of Commons they did not have 13 seats.

The party has completely lost representation in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

In contrast to conservative leader Andrew Shire, Trudeau does not risk to be removed from his post as head of the party, but the liberal deputies expect some changes.

Namely: to pay more attention to the views of the members of the faction, to prevent in its immediate surroundings an expression of different opinions, return to more positive reporting and a preference for stories about the success of the liberal government on the economic front.