Today is the deadline of filing of applications for participation in the race for the leader of the liberals of Ontario (PHOTO)

Сегодня заканчивается срок подачи заявлений на участие в гонке за место лидера либералов Онтарио (ФОТО)

Today is the last day, when the liberals, hoping to lead the provincial party, on, can assert his claim.

At 17:00 the deadline for the submission of applications for participation in the election campaign for the presidency of the party.

In the struggle for leadership engaged former Cabinet Ministers Stephen Del Duca, Michael Coto and Mitzi hunter, as well as former candidates of the party Kate Graham and Alvin Tejo.

But experts are sure that whoever wins, will have a vast field for activity.

In 2018, the liberal party of Ontario suffered the largest defeat in their history, having lost the official status of the party that prompted former Prime Minister and party leader Kathleen Wynne to resign.

In addition, the party has a big problem of order in respect of a debt of $10 million, you will need them for the election campaign.