Today played 42 of the license for the retail sale of cannabis (PHOTOS)

Сегодня разыгрываются 42 лицензии на розничную торговлю каннабисом (ФОТО)

Today in Ontario, potential retailers of cannabis will know, will they be included in the number of those who will receive licenses to trade.

Commission on alcohol and gambling Ontario conduct a lottery to determine who will receive 42 new licenses for the retail sale of relaxers.

In Toronto will appear 13 new stores, while six will be held in the greater Toronto area.

Applicants whose names are selected will be contacted within 24 hours, and then they will have five working days to submit a letter of credit in the amount of $ 50,000, to confirm the availability of the retail space and to provide $ 10,000 in non-refundable fees for applying.

The province issued its first 25 licenses for the retail sale of cannabis in January after thousands of people filed applications for participation in the first lottery.

These stores had to withstand a fairly rigorous schedule. Despite the large fines, only one store opened in the first day of permitted sales in Toronto.