Today there will be a meeting Trudeau leader of the Quebec Bloc (PHOTO)

Сегодня пройдет встреча Трюдо с лидером Квебекского Блока   (ФОТО)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau this morning meets with the leader of the bloc Quebecois Yves-françois Blanchet because he wants to ensure his new minority government in Parliament.

This week, Trudeau has consistently pursued negotiations with opposition leaders, seeking to identify the region of contact, where he can get their support for the legislative process when the House of Commons will resume meeting in December.

Without a majority in the House of Commons, the Trudeau liberals will need the support of at least one opposition party to win in the voting, and they must now find out, to present the main directions in his keynote speech.

Blanchet said that he is looking forward to progress on the issues that voters “have identified important” in the October elections.

The liberals and the Bloc have a lot of common ground on issues such as climate change and a Federal tax on carbon emissions.

On Tuesday, Trudeau met with the leader of the conservatives Andrew Shear.