Today's Weather: Humidex 36 in Southern Quebec

Today's Weather: Humidex 36 in Southern Quebec


The fine weather prevailing over the weekend will be disrupted by showers in some western areas, while it will still be warm in the south of the province. 

The showers concern in particular Abitibi-Témiscamingue where Environment Canada forecasts 10 to 15 millimeters of rain, but the mercury will however be on the rise. 

In Montreal and Montérégie, temperatures will also be on the rise with a Humidex 36, while sunny weather should be swept away by clouds in the afternoon. 

The weather will be generally cloudy in the center and east of the province, particularly in Quebec and in the Bas-Saint-Laurent where temperatures of 25 degrees are expected. 

The same scenario is expected in Estrie with probably more sunshine in places and a Humidex 30, while some areas a little further north could be wet. 

Temperatures will drop on the North Shore for r stabilize below 20 degrees with strong winds and gusts of 50 km/h, according to forecasts from the federal agency.

Tuesday promises to be rainy for the most part parts of the province with notable showers in places and a falling mercury.