Toddlers vaccinated on Monday against COVID-19

Toddlers vaccinated as of Monday against COVID-19


Vaccination against COVID-19 for children aged six months to five years will begin next Monday in Quebec, Public Health announced this Thursday. 

More than 70,000 doses of the Spikevax vaccine, from Moderna, are now available in Quebec. 

“We have the necessary doses, assured Dr. Luc Boileau, national director of public health . This is good news for children, for parents who want to protect [them] from COVID. ” 

The only group in society that has still not been vaccinated, the 400,000 children aged six months to five years can therefore obtain an appointment now online at Clic Santé. 

The vaccine Spikevax, from Moderna, received clearance from Health Canada last week. 

According to Dr. Boileau, there is a “very good immune response.” after two doses. 

The gap between them should be two months. 

Protect the most vulnerable

The most vulnerable children, due to a medical condition, are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated. 

“Even though the risk may seem low, it is not non-existent. There are cases of young children who develop the severe form of the disease and who require care, and we want to avoid that, analyzes Kevin l'Espérance, a graduate in epidemiology at the University of Montreal. 

Currently, the variants that circulate [including BA5] are “much more contagious”, notes Public Health. 

“A positive person who has a normal life [without isolating themselves] can contaminate up to 16, said Dr. Boileau. The mask remains a tool which is very useful and which is appropriate these days. »

According to experts, vigilance is important, especially when you have symptoms. < /p>

“It's not just in Quebec that we are suffering the wave,” says Benoit Barbeau, virologist at the University of Quebec in Montreal. We must continue to be careful and do not hesitate to wear a mask. […] There is no absolute zero risk. » 

“Towards a plateau” 

In the past week, the mark of 2,000 people hospitalized with COVID-19 has been crossed, shows data from the National Institute of Health. public health of Quebec.

However, less than 50 % of positive patients are in hospital due to COVID-19. 

Last spring, this rate could reach up to 80%. 

According to projections by the National Institute for Excellence in Health and Social Services, hospitalizations should stabilize within two weeks. 

“We are on our way to a plateau.” , said Dr. Boileau today. 

The latter encourages people to get a booster dose of vaccine, when the last one was five or six months ago.  < /p>


  • July 20 :< /strong> 2110
  • July 19: 2057 
  • July 18: 1960
  • July 15 : 1878
  • 14 July : 1887
  • July 13 : 1860
  • July 12 : 1767
  • < li dir="auto">July 11: 1663


  • July 20: 20 deaths
  • July 19: 3 deaths
  • July 18 : 9 deaths
  • July 17 : 14 deaths
  • July 16: 15 deaths
  • July 15 : 6 deaths
  • July 14: 14 deaths

Source: INSPQ

No new health restrictions

Even if the seventh wave of COVID-19 continues to rage throughout Quebec, the government has no intention of reinstating more sanitary measures.

< strong>The situation is under control, but we must remain cautious,” said Premier François Legault today.

Always today, Quebec Public Health has underlined, in a press conference, that the holding of the Festival d'été de Québec (FEQ), where crowds pile up, has led to a strong spread of cases. 

People who have symptoms are therefore encouraged to self-isolate, even if their rapid test result is negative. 

“It's not the time with COVID to go celebrate, to go to festivals , said Dr. Luc Boileau, national director of public health. 

A contagion that lasts 10 days

< p>The COVID-19 virus is contagious for 10 days, not five days, Public Health said today. 

You have to be concerned, and know how to protect others, reiterated the Dr Boileau, today. We understand that people want to live and move on, […] but the virus is still there.” 

People who test positive are strongly encouraged to avoid contact during this time. When this is not possible, to go to the grocery store for example, people must wear the mask. 

Remember that the main symptoms are similar to the flu (cough, fever, congestion and sore throat). 

Soon the eighth wave? 

Although the plateau of the seventh wave is on the way to being reached, Quebec is not immune to a rapid resurgence of cases. 

It is likely that while the seventh wave is ending, another is coming, submits Benoit Barbeau, virologist at the University of Quebec in Montreal. Children will be vectors and people will go back to work.”

The pandemic is definitely here. We do not control the virus, it is not cyclical in transmission, he says. It's still a process of adaptation, we haven't finished seeing new variants and sub-variants.  »

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