Todorenko showed as usually takes them with my husband the night

Starry family of Regina todorenko and Vlad Topalov enjoys sharing network cute and funny moments from your life. Presenter and singer touches fans with his tender feelings to each other, are able to joke and laugh at themselves, and also show how to raise his son Michael. Recently, the couple was amused by the funny video, which they allegedly writing a book of fairy tales for your Michael — the so called baby in the family.

Тодоренко показала, как обычно проходит их с мужем ночь

And here is the next video of Regina is not a joke stirred the net! Leading decided to show fans their husband and bringing up a family, namely, how is their night. So the action takes place in the marital bed.

The video she posted on his page in Instagram, amusing subscribers.

“Just like everyone else! Have you done it?” – asked the presenter from their fans under the post.

Video: Regina todorenko and Vlad Topalov (

In the video Vlad and Regina lie in bed and intend to consummate the marriage. However, once the couple is in the throes of passion began to throw clothes in the next room came a baby crying. I had mom stand up and go comfort the baby. Then she and her husband decided to play a naughty game with the tying to the bed and blindfolded, but here it prevented the cry of the son.

After several attempts exhausted parents fall on the bed and just fall asleep, exhausted and desires.

Followers notably laughed at the movie, however, many noted that the situation is indeed very vital.

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  • Small contraceptive
  • How vital
  • Regirock you and Vlad are the best couple ever!
  • Exactly!
  • Co-sleeping is a reliable method of contraception
  • And when they start to stomp, will become even more extreme
  • All was well
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