Tom cruise arrived in London with her son

On the days the paparazzi managed to do at the London airport to the rare and there he had not seen. What does Connor is currently unknown.footage: Tom cruise with his adult foster son, whom he adopted with Nicole Kidman — Connor. Tom and Connor, dressed in sporting style, were on the tarmac to the helicopter that stood there, and then got in there with his Luggage. Moreover, the Fact he sat behind the wheel of a “flying machine”. In what direction and for what purpose flew cruise and his son, reporters while scout has failed.

Том Круз появился в Лондоне с сыном

The fact that Tom has decided to fly a helicopter, almost no one was surprised. After all, what Cruz pilot with experience, and he even performs all airline – helicopter stunts for his films, has long been known. Much more everyone was amazed by what looked like the actor. After all, Tom, who celebrated his 57th birthday, until recently, looked much younger than his age and was in excellent shape. However, the photographs taken at the airport shows that he somehow suddenly got fat and old. Sorry fans of the actor came to the conclusion that he had completely ceased to resemble the macho.

As for son Tom, Connor looked quite cheerful. As decided by the fans, the crews, thick beard, which had grown the son of actor, for him to face. A few years ago, Connor earned his living as a DJ, and was in that role quite successfully. But then the son of Cruz suddenly left the profession and was hired as a sailor on a fishing boat. One