Tom cruise each year sends cobie Smulders coconut cake for Christmas

Cobie Smulders and Tom cruise worked together on the movie “Jack Reacher 2: Never go back”, and the actor clearly does not forget about it. In a recent interview Kobe said that That every year pleases her coconut cake, which he sends her at Christmas.

Том Круз каждый год присылает Коби Смолдерс кокосовый торт на Рождество

The actress has shared it on Jimmy Fallon. According to her, if Tom, you’re in luck.

Tom cruise will send you a cake for the holidays. Coconut cake with white chocolate — it is incredible

said Kobe the facilitator. Smulders joked that he wants to continue to receive this small Christmas gift, so she talks about the tradition of Tom on television.

According to the actress, the cake is so delicious that Kobe is trying to prolong the pleasure and not eat it immediately.

I leave it in the freezer, and he stands there until March, for example. I just slowly eat it. It is so delicious. I don’t know why, because I would call myself a sweet tooth

— she added. Jimmy admitted that he also received the famous cake from Tom cruise.

Christmas surprise do at the bakery Doan. Cake covered with white chocolate icing and coconut. In show business about the parcel from Tom known to many: back in 2013, Barbara Walters talked about his sweet gift. Also your tidbit get Kirsten dunst, Henry Cavill and James Corden. Cruz explained that he sends the cake of your celebrity friends because he can’t eat sweets during the preparation for the role.