Tom cruise visited several facilities of the port of Odessa

Hollywood actor Tom cruise has almost decided which Ukrainian location will employ in his new film.

Том Круз осмотрел несколько объектов Одесского порта

As reports a press-service of administration of the Odessa sea port, in the format of a confidential visit, the star toured several facilities of the port of Odessa. The producer group of celebrities visited the passenger terminal of the port locations with views of the cargo berths, a 22-storey hotel “Odessa”, viaduct harbour and the Potemkin stairs.

According to first Deputy head of the port authority of Alexander tooth private interest of filmmakers called the kinetic facade and a large hall of the Maritime station and the indoor shopping centre “Grand Europe”.

“On the future pattern known only that it will be shot in the genre of “espionage action”, has lifted the veil of the future picture of Tom cruise in a press-service.

It is possible that we are talking about shooting the next installment of paintings “Mission impossible”. It’s a secret.