Tom Felton has praised Emma Watson for daring interview: “She’s incredibly smart and sweet”

Tom Felton was supported by Emma Watson, who asked not to be lonely and invented a new term for all those who have not yet met their soul mate — “your own partner” (self-partnered).

Том Фелтон похвалил Эмму Уотсон за смелое интервью: «Она невероятно умная и милая»

The actor called his friend and colleague in the franchise “Harry Potter” “incredibly smart and cute young lady” and praised her for her courageous innovation.

I like it! However, I first heard about it, but I fully support. Honestly, I myself belong to the category of people who are quite happy with themselves,

said Felton.

In our day and in our age there is no urgent need someone to meet just for the sake of not being alone. So I like the idea of partnership with himself. I think first you need to love yourself before trying to love someone else

— wisely said 32-year-old actor.

Note that Felton has long been free: screen Draco Malfoy tied to romantic relationships in 2016, when it ended its long love affair with jade Gordon. And Watson caught on romantic dates with different gentlemen several times this year. The stars of the “Harry Potter” often spend time together, and fans of fantasy sincerely hope that their friendship will grow into something more.