Tomasz Lis gets rid of the property in Konstancin. How much for it

An offer from Konstancin appeared on one of the sales websites.

Tomasz Lis is getting rid of his property in Konstancin. How much does he ask for it

Nothing interests people more than the scandals related to people from the world of show business, which are directed by the media.

< h2> Has Tomasz Lis built a villa in Konstancicnie-Jeziorna for a song?

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Currently, a journalist hit the wallpaper and the former chief of Newsweek, Tomasz Lis, who, despite the alleged acts of mobbing and inappropriate behavior towards employees, enjoys life with a beautiful woman.

Now Pomponik reports that the villa in Konstancin belonging to Tomasz Lis is for sale. This information, however, is not the most surprising, as everyone has the right to sell a property in Konstancin.

However, the tabloids decided to emphasize the seriousness of the situation by stating the amount that the future owner of the property will have to pay to the journalist. According to Pomponik, the sale offer that has recently appeared on one of the real estate platforms is for a villa owned by a journalist.

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As it appears in the offer, PLN 47 639 per square meter is the price you will have to pay if you want to buy a property. The own contribution is 20% of EUR 5 million, i.e. PLN 1,000,000. The offer states that the villa has an area of ​​504.2 m2, the plot on which the property is located is 3656 square meters, the building has 7 rooms, remote service, gas heating, garage, and the year of construction is 2009.

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Recall that if the offer is for a villa mentioned by Pomponik, it is a house in who Tomasz Lis spent ten years with his ex-wife Hanna Lis.