Tomasz Lis in the heat of criticism. All through one entry. What happened

Since yesterday, all media have been trumpeting about Queen Elizabeth II.

 Tomasz Lis in the fire of criticism. All through one entry. What happened

All information about her deteriorating health was analyzed, as well as statements issued by Buckingham Palace.

When Great Britain mourns Queen Elizabeth II and welcomes the new ruler, Tomasz Lis mocks the royal family ? ref_src = twsrc% 5Etfw

On his Twitter profile, journalist Tomasz Lis started a series of little funny jokes describing, among other things, the relationship between Meghan Markle and kr & oacute; and its effects, and comments on Charles' waiting time to become king – No one in the history of Great Britain has been heir to the throne as long as Charles. Quite perverse, more than a lifetime to wait for the mother's death, to fulfill his destiny – sneered Tomasz Lis, under which the post was flooded with numerous comments, rebuking his behavior.

He was called “Dziader”, a primitive and it was said that he was not worth it to Tomasz Lis as “pan”, because “after such 'gentlemen' my grandfather used to get on the horse”.

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