Tomenko showed how doctors were divided into 4 grades

Doctors were divided into four grades during the quarantine.

Томенко показал, как врачей разделили на 4 сорта


This was written by a politician and leader of the Public movement “Native land” Nikolay Tomenko on his page in the network Facebook.

“The power of the chaos his actions have divided all the doctors in 4 varieties,” he said.

First grade, according to Tomenko, are “Kyiv doctors who work with patients with suspected coronavirus”. Their payments from the local budget will amount to 9 salaries. The total amount of aid 10.8 million UAH.

“So, these additional payments will receive in Kiev, about 900 people. The impression that most allowances are provided for those who work with patients with deputies and businessmen in Kiev”, — wrote the politician.

Second grade, according to Tomenko, are the other doctors of Ukraine, who work with patients with suspected coronavirus. Their fee will be 300 %, that is 3 of the salary.

Third grade — the doctors who work in conditions of quarantine, but do not work directly with patients with suspected coronavirus. Their salaries remain unchanged.

Fourth grade — the doctors almost a thousand hospitals that do not receive enough funding and are forced to reduce the salaries of doctors.

“Most medical patients for the coronavirus have not worked directly with patients, i.e., in the infectious ward, and — in the registry or in other departments of the hospitals,” said Tomenko.

In the end, he called on the government:

    • To ensure proper and uniform surcharge to all physicians from all regions who work with patients on coronavirus;
    • To increase wages through the payments for all physicians working during the period of quarantine;
    • To prevent the reduction of workers wages in almost thousands of hospitals that have not received adequate funding in the budget 2020.