Tomenko told, what mistakes were made in the budget-2020

The leader of the Public Movement “Ridna Krayina” Mykola Tomenko has assessed the government of President Vladimir Zelensky and told what errors were made in the budget in 2020.

Томенко рассказал, какие ошибки допустили в бюджете-2020

As the Wave passes, this Tomenko wrote on his Facebook page.

“Promises of power, and the state is not a joy or wait if Ministers in key sectors of Ukrainian life?! During the formation of the 2 Government Zelensky power and all its main representatives and speakers stigmatize the idea of merging a number of ministries and promised to restore the industrial direction through the introduction of a Vice-Premier and the scope of protection of the environment, agriculture and culture through the restoration of individual ministries. Now a new Government is appointed it takes a month”, — says Mykola Tomenko.

According to him, the environment, industry and agriculture have forgotten, “and the Ministry of culture is acting. Let me also remind you that the Ministry of education and science no Minister. The status of second-class citizens to these critical areas of life are particularly dangerous in the period of adoption of the new quarantine budget for 2020. If you look at the government version of the budget, which BP sent 2 read, a sequester of spending on culture, education, science, environmental protection, energy efficiency programs and replacing native gas, support of farming, the socio-economic development and support for villages and small towns…”, — he said.

He also reminded the Ukrainian wisdom that says: “obezyanki-cacanki and joy. Now it seems that the fools who believe in the promises of power less and less. Therefore, it remains to demand that the government fulfil its promises or the recognition of their own management of impotence with defined in the Constitution and Laws of Ukraine consequences!”.