Tony La Russa will not return to the White Sox

Tony La Russa will not return with the White Sox

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Tony La Russa's health issues forced him to resign as manager of the Chicago White Sox on Monday.

La Russa, 77 , revealed that a new health problem was diagnosed when he had to go under the knife to change his cardiac defibrillator. Without giving further details, he indicated that his condition was “good”, but that the treatment and the recovery time were such that he was not going to be able to carry out his duties next season.

The pilot had to leave on August 31. On September 24, the team announced that he would not be back in 2022. And despite this absence, he was very critical of himself. The White Sox were 79-80 going into Monday night's game and will not make the playoffs.

“Our team's record this season is the final reality,” La Russa said in a statement. This is an unacceptable disappointment. There were a few ups, but too many downs. In the major leagues, you either do it or you don't. Explanations pass for excuses.”

“Respect and trust require accountability, and during my career as a manager I have come to understand that the ultimate responsibility for the downs rests with the manager. I was hired to bring positive leadership to make a difference. Our record is proof: I didn't do the job.”

La Russa spent 2,884 games behind the bench for major league baseball, winning the World Series twice with the Minnesota Cardinals. St. Louis and once with the Oakland Athletics. He had been at the helm of the White Sox since the 2021 campaign, where he helped his club maintain a 93-69 record.