Tonya Matvienko has released a new track “Not vdovy” about the origin of the relationship with Mirzoyan

The artist released the song “Not vdova”.

Тоня Матвиенко выпустила новый трек «Не відповідай» о зарождении отношений с Мирзояном

Singer Tonya Matvienko has released a new track “Not vdovy” on the origin of sympathy between him and Arsen Mirzoyan.

The development of the novel Tony and Arsene watched the whole country, but only those close knew that the sympathy period gave a strong impetus for creativity. In 2012, Arsene wrote a song for Tony, and she kept it as something very personal and intimate. Now, according to most Actresses, she is ready to share with their listeners.

According to Tony, the words “Not vdovy” describe the inner state of the artist, which felt Arsene:

“Not vdovy” can say only the enamoured person who already knows the answer and at the same time afraid to hear something, what is not ready. And feelings are so stronger than you, what are you afraid of my future. When I heard this song, I was struck by how accurately Arsene interpret my thoughts on the situation! So I chose the tactic open to anything that’ll make life. That was my huge force that changed the course of events,” says Tonya.

“Not vdova” is the third work of authorship Arsen Mirzoyan in the repertoire of Tony Matvienko. In 2019, the singer presented a lyrical tracks “children’s world SMH” and “Not do”.