Too expensive: the most unfavorable days for air travel in 2020

Edition of Fox News examined, when in 2020 you can save on flights and when to stay home.

Слишком дорого: самые невыгодные дни для авиаперелетов в 2020 году

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Before turning to specific seasons and dates, recall that you can usually save money throughout the year, if you diligently treat compare prices and find the best deal.

Days that should not fly


  • February 14-17: tickets these days are a bit more expensive than the next date, because Valentine’s Day, February 14, as well as a long weekend (at least for some) before President’s Day, between 15 and 17 February.
  • February 29: last day of February or thereabouts is the end time of the cheap winter rates: starts the rise in price of tickets.

The cheapest time for flights in January and February: all other days will be better rates, but Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be great.

March, April, may

  • Friday and Sunday: beginning in March, these popular days for the flights become more expensive; frugal travelers to fly on Saturdays.
  • March 26 and may 14: this only applies to flights to Europe, follow the price increase.

The cheapest time for flights in March, April and may: as a rule, are cheaper flights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

June, July, August, September

  • June 4 (and beyond): this is the first significant price increase for summer rates; possible complete trip by June 3.
  • From 22 June to 24 August: from late June until the third week in August peak summer prices of tickets. Go before or after and save.
  • 15 July and 11 August: this applies to flights to Europe, the prices are falling on July 15 and August 11.

The cheapest time to fly in June, July, August, Sep: September, as a rule, can boast of good prices for flights to USA and Europe. For rates in Europe prices are falling most markedly by 15 July and then to August 11.

Winter flying is cheaper, further — in the fall and spring. Summer, especially July, are generally the most expensive time for flights. But even in the summer to reduce the cost of the flight, or buy tickets in unpopular days (midweek and Saturday) and unpopular routes (connecting flights are sometimes a lot cheaper).