Too vigorously celebrated 4 of July in Oregon was arrested 7 Russian-speaking men

Police arrested seven Russian-speaking residents of SSI on the Central coast of Oregon Saturday, July 4, in the evening because of racist remarks during the celebration of independence Day on the beach. This writes Oregon Live.

Слишком бурно отмечали 4 июля: в Орегоне арестовали 7 русскоязычных мужчин

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City police Lincoln city (Oregon) said that these people were part of a group of 10 white people from Clark County (WA), which followed a black family, shouting racist insults and using the Nazi salute when the family spent the holiday at the beach.

After arriving at the beach, the police formed a barricade between the band and the family that allowed African Americans to safely leave the beach.

The members of the group, which, according to the police, was “very drunk”, then began to mock the officers, urging them to fight and launching fireworks. In anticipation of the holiday weekend, the city of Lincoln warned people from the start of the fireworks.

Additional officers arrived at the beach and arrested seven men on multiple charges, including riot, disorderly conduct, harassment, illegal fireworks and insulting remarks.

Gennady Kazankov, Antoli Kazankov, Andrei Zaitsev, Oleg Saranchuk, Ruslan Tkachenko and Yuri Kachanov, all of Clark County, was arrested Saturday, July 4 and later released. One man who refused to identify himself was taken to the Lincoln County jail for fingerprint identification.

Monday, July 6, the city police said that the group will not be charged with a crime in relation to the family of African-Americans, because there was no physical contact, destruction of property threat of serious injury associated with a fight.

“Unfortunately, the use of racist or derogatory expressions is not itself a crime under the laws of Oregon, — is spoken in the message of the police. We will present the relevant charges that we can prove in accordance with law.”

The police also said that the men were released on Saturday, July 4, in accordance with the policy of the prison in Lincoln County regarding pandemic COVID-19, which limits the number of charges for which the suspect can be imprisoned until the trial.

The incident occurred amid continued nationwide protests against racism and police brutality towards people of different races, provoked by the death of George Floyd at the hands of police from Minneapolis.

Protests in support of the Black Lives Matter movement has occurred in the North-West Pacific, including on the Central coast of Oregon.



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