‘Took control’: the United States accused the who of inaction during a pandemic coronavirus

The head of the Department of health Alex Azar said that the world health organization were not able to cope with the spread of the coronavirus, which has led to the strengthening of the pandemic. About it writes BBC.

'Не взяла под контроль': США обвинили ВОЗ в бездействии во время пандемии коронавируса

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A us official said this during the world health Assembly, which this year takes place in virtual mode — the participants will discuss the work of who. The Assembly is attended by representatives of 194 member countries of who, the meeting also heard proposals to investigate how effectively the international community, including the who, have responded to the pandemic coronavirus.

“We need to speak frankly about one of the main reasons why this outbreak is out of control,’ said hazard. — This organization was unable to obtain information needed by the whole world, and this failure cost the lives of many people.”

At the opening Assembly were made by Chinese leader XI Jinping, who recently had to repeatedly defend the actions of his country at the beginning of the pandemic. He stated that the information which had been provided by the Chinese authorities, was “the most accurate and transparent,” and urged to postpone any investigation until then, until the pandemic is brought under full control.

XI Jinping added that China within two years will allocate $2 billion for assistance to countries affected by the pandemic, he also proposed to provide the other States with a vaccine against Covid-19 as soon as it is developed. The official representative of the American security Council called the proposal of Beijing’s “attempt to divert attention from the involvement of the Chinese government accountable for failure to comply with its obligations.”

The termination of funding

The United States believes that Beijing has concealed the true scale of the disaster and the pace of the epidemic. This was repeatedly declared by the President of the United States Donald trump. Against this background, US relations with China have deteriorated markedly.

In the past the us also made sharp criticism against who. According to the American authorities, the management blindly believed the data coming out of Beijing, and failed to assess the seriousness of the threat. In mid-April, the U.S. stopped funding the world health organization and promote its own programme on vaccine development.

Some experts remind that the infection began in China in January, but who declared a pandemic in mid-March, when Covid-19 has already begun to cause thousands of deaths worldwide.

At the opening Assembly the head of the who Tedros Aden Gebreyesus said that he welcomes the proposal to perform the actions of the organization and provide it in the near future.

“We need a strong who -“

German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged the participants of the conference in the first place to do everything to create an effective system of early warning of pandemics.

“The world health organization is a legitimate global institution, which stretch all the strings. Therefore, we must constantly think how to improve workflows to who. In particular, care about a sustainable system of funding”, — said Merkel.

“We need a strong who to deal with Covid-19. Who is we, its member States,” he supported Merkel, President of France Emmanuel macron. He also said that the emergence of vaccines will become a “global public good”, and urged to ensure equal access for all countries.

What else is on the agenda of the Assembly?

The European Union together with other countries, including Britain, Australia and New Zealand, want to find out what were the pandemic, and what lessons can be learned.

As stated by the press Secretary of the foreign Affairs Council of the EU VA the bat-Henriksson, in the framework of the investigation, it is necessary to find answers to several key questions.

“How is the pandemic, what was epidemiology? All this is absolutely necessary to find out in the future to avoid such a pandemic,” she said, adding that now is not the time “to do games in charge.”

The vote on the draft resolution will take place on Tuesday, for adoption by the required two-thirds of the votes and 116 of the 194 countries have already voted in support of the project.

In April the European Union in its report, accused China of spreading misinformation about the crisis with the coronavirus. The European external action service said that Russia — and to a lesser extent China — “exploit conspiracy theories” in the European Union and neighbouring countries.

Says who?

According to representatives of the who Dr. Margaret Harris, the world health Assembly — “it is always a cause for careful study of the work of who”. However, she says, who “pays full attention” to coordinate the search for answers to critical questions, research and efforts to eliminate the pandemic.

Who should equally represent the interests of all participating countries, but now the organization was at the center of the political confrontation between China and the United States.

The address of Donald trump, who this year will again run for the presidency, not once heard harsh criticism about its response to the pandemic. In response, trump blamed China and the who that they are unable to stop the spread of the virus.

The culmination of this conflict was the decision of the United States, the main individual sponsor who is to suspend funding of the organization.

It is expected that the Assembly will hear calls to expand the powers of who that would enable its inspectors to visit the country at the beginning of a disease outbreak and conduct an independent investigation.

In January and February who were sent to China team, but it was a joint with Chinese officials on a mission.

What is the answer China?

China has rejected calls for an independent international investigation of an outbreak Covid-19.

In April, a senior Chinese diplomat Chen Wen said that such demands are politically motivated, and such an inquiry would only divert attention and resources from fighting the virus.

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo also said that there is “serious evidence” that the virus came from Wuhan lab. However, he softened his stance, saying on television: “We know that it all started in Wuhan, but do not know where and from whom”.

In the draft resolution of the world health Assembly, in turn, is the “animal origin of the virus and the path of its transmission to humans, including the possible role of intermediate carriers”.


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