Took place the draw of the League of Nations-2020/21: Ukraine rivals trade got two former world Champions

In Amsterdam was held the draw for the group stage of the second season of the League of Nations.

Ukrainian national team will play with Switzerland, Spain and Germany in group 4 of the League A.

Состоялась жеребьевка Лиги Наций-2020/21: Украине в соперники попались две сборные экс-чемпионы мира

55 national teams divided into four leagues in accordance with the rating of the UEFA coefficients. According to the ranking in each League formed seeding pots: two in the D League and four leagues A, b and C.

Team Ukraine performs in the A League and got to the third basket. The results of the draw our team got one opponent from the other baskets.

League A

Group 1: Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Netherlands

Group 2: Iceland, Denmark, Belgium, England

Group 3: Croatia, Sweden, France, Portugal

Group 4: Germany, Ukraine, Spain, Switzerland

League B

Group 1: Romania, Northern Ireland, Norway, Austria

Group 2: Israel, Slovakia, Scotland, Czech Republic

Group 3: Russia, Hungary, Turkey, Serbia

Group 4: Bulgaria, Ireland, Finland, Wales

League C

Group 1: Azerbaijan, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Montenegro

Group 2: Armenia, Estonia, Northern Macedonia, Georgia

Group 3: Moldova, Slovenia, Kosovo, Greece

Group 4: Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Belarus, Albania

League D

Group 1: Malta, Andorra, Faroe Islands, Latvia

Group 2: San Marino, Gibraltar, Liechtenstein

The group stage starts 3-5 September, matches of the final round will be held on November 15-17.

Recall that the first tournament of the League of Nations was won by Portugal, who beat in the final the Dutch team – 1:0.