Top 10 most bizarre items in the Luggage of air passengers in 2019

The transportation security administration USA daily finds strange objects in hand Luggage of passengers and tells them. But once a year representatives of transport security collected the top 10 most bizarre items for the whole year. This writes the New York Post.

Топ-10 самых странных находок в багаже авиапассажиров в 2019 году

Photo: Depositphotos

List of 2019 is considered to be one of the strangest.

“Thanks to our employees for their dedication and hard work at checkpoints across the country. We wouldn’t have these many interesting finds without your skillful capabilities of the inspection. We would also like to thank the traveler for inspiration. It is clear that these people are not following our account. And thanks to the subscribers that they’ve enjoyed these strange discoveries as well as we do,” wrote the Agency.

Top 10 strangest items found in passengers ‘ Luggage:

10. Samurai swords (blades of three different sizes found in the airport. Norman Y Blowjob San Jose, CA).

9. Flares (found at the anchorage international airport Ted Stevens, Alaska).

8. Arms with knives (firearms with attached knives found in Miami International airport).

7. Airbag (found in international airport, Orlando, FL):

“Extra protection never hurt anyone, right?!”, — commented on the situation in the Department.

6. A saw (found in the international airport Bradley international, Windsor locks, Conn.).

5. SAI ninja (found in LaGuardia airport, new York).

4. The gun for firing Darts (were found in Orlando international airport, Florida).

“Prudence — not the strongest side of this passenger” – wrote in Department.

3. Uninvited Snakes (found crawling on Newark airport, new Jersey).

2. Carving knife (found in a regional airport, tri-cities, Blountville, Tennessee).

1. Elk feces (found in the international airport Juneau, Alaska).