Top 20 Colleges with the Most Millionaires

No college degree can guarantee you wealth, but some colleges have very high success rates – from businessmen and investors to wealthy politicians.

 Top 20 colleges that have produced the most millionaires

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Time has compiled a list of colleges in who were educated by the majority of people whose wealth exceeds $30 million.

Only those graduates who made themselves were taken into account. Bachelor's and master's degrees were counted, and those who were educated at more than one of the universities on the list were counted twice. At the same time, the rating does not take into account those successful businessmen who left one of these universities without completing the course and, accordingly, did not receive a diploma.

20. University of California, Los Angeles

235 alumni with $30 million or more

Combined wealth of successful graduates: $63 billion

19. Boston University

Successful alumni: 241

Total net worth: $62 billion

18. University of Cambridge

Successful graduates: 271

Total net worth: $69 billion

17. University of Michigan

Successful graduates: 272

Net worth: $141 billion

16. University of Notre Dame

Successful graduates: 277

Total net worth: $44 billion

15. University of California, Berkeley

Alumni Success: 290

Grost Net Worth: $125 Billion

14. University of Texas at Austin

Alumni Success: 293

Group Net Worth: $71 Billion

13. University of Southern California

Successful graduates: 294

Total net worth: $98 billion

12. University of Virginia

Successful alumni: 300

Total net worth: $64 billion

11. Cornell University. 10. Princeton University

Successful graduates: 330

Total wealth: $188 billion

9. Yale University

Successful graduates: 360

Total net worth: $156 billion

8. Northwestern University

Successful alumni: 365

Total net worth: $80 billion

7. University of Chicago

Successful graduates: 371

Grost net worth: $93 billion

6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Successful alumni: 375

Total net worth: $215 billion

5. Stanford University

Successful graduates: 466

Total net worth: $404 billion

4. New York University

Successful graduates: 488

Total net worth: $155 billion

3. Columbia University

Successful alumni: 578

Total net worth: $307 billion

2. University of Pennsylvania

Successful alumni: 832

Total net worth: $369 billion

1. Harvard University

Successful graduates: 1,906

Total net worth: $811 billion