Top 22 best Christmas movies to create a festive mood

If during the holidays you just can't find the Christmas mood, a Christmas movie can help you, says Esquire

 Top 22 best Christmas movies to create a festive mood

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Holiday Movie & # 8211; one of those rare genres of cinema that does not judge the merit of the plot, but the ability to make your heart grow three sizes.

Best Christmas Movie & # 8211; this is the one that miraculously gets into your soul, and then remains in it until the end of the year.

Below are 22 films that you can't go wrong with: classics, a few new musical releases and a couple of unusual plots so that you and your family will be surprised, moved, comfortably seated on a comfortable sofa.

Enjoy watching!

1. Bad Santa

Santa Billy Bob Thornton robbing a department store brings some dissonance to the Christmas calm atmosphere, but that's the highlight of this noisy black comedy from director Terry Zwigoff.

2. Home alone

Forgotten by his family, Macaulay Culkin is forced to fight a couple of stupid thieves (Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern) on Christmas Day in this everlasting adventure from director Chris Columbus and writer John Hughes.

3. Fawn Rudolph

Rudolph & # 8211; legend, and as an adult in these difficult times, Rudolph the Fawn feels a bit like the loser we need a story about. It is clear that some social justice issues are being raised here, but at the heart of this story of Rudolph and his friends is a time-honored story that proves being different & # 8211; it is not something to be ashamed of, but something to accept.

4. Little women

As sisters, the 1994 and 2019 adaptations of Louise May Alcott's novel were conceived from a single source and transformed into their own unique interpretations. And like the March sisters, every Little Women fan has usually already picked her favorite interpretation. However, these two films feature stellar roles that are based on a touching story of sisterhood. In terms of Christmas movies, both feature picturesque New England Christmas scenes filled with feasts, bonfires, fun and family.

5. Gremlins

Joe Dante's stunning 1984 horror comedy is far more mischievous than platitudes. A cute mystical Chinese creature known as a Mogwai named Gizmo, when fed after midnight or touched by water, gives birth to mischievous monsters.

6. Die Hard

Ho ho ho, it has an automaton. John McClain performed by Bruce Willis. He fights terrorists in John McTiernan's unmatched one-on-one action classic

7. While you were sleeping

If Die Hard becomes a Christmas movie, so will While You Sleep. After Sandra Bullock rescues a man who was pushed under a train on Christmas Day, she finds herself stranded. After admiring the man from afar for a while, she mutters: “I was going to marry him.” Soon after, she befriends his family, who welcomes her with open arms. The only problem is that she falls in love with this man's brother.

8. The Grinch Stole Christmas

In 2000, Jim Carrey donned a large green Grinch costume to bring the famous cartoon to life. Since this is Jim Carrey, there is a lot of impromptu humor here. There's also a pretty rough cheese-eating scene that I only like because Jim Carrey knows how to do it.

9. Carol

No, Carol was never intended to be a Christmas movie. Still, watching Rooney Mara, a retail clerk wearing a Santa hat, fall on top of a mink-clad Cate Blanchett can be very emotional.

10. Edward Scissorhands

Johnny Depp's pale Edward, clad in leather, scissors in hand, stands out from Tim Burton's colorful 1990 fantasy suburbia landscape, although his story ends up fully in tune with the open-minded spirit of the holiday.

11. A Very Murray Christmas

You have Rashida Jones, Miley Cyrus and George Clooney in one place. And that's not even mentioning the fact that they all got together to celebrate with everyone's favorite tough guy, Bill Murray. Christmas Edition & # 8211; it is a reminder that the best entertainment shows can be watched year after year, and you will never lose that special charm.

12. Christmas present

Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a busy man who constantly lets his little son down and promises this Christmas that he will give him a Turbo Man figurine, the most coveted toy of the holiday season. But he's not the only dad to make this promise, which leads to a real fight with another dad, played cheerfully by Sinbad.

13. True love

The all-star ensemble's romantic comedy by Richard Curtis is as loved as it is frowned upon. Even if you hate her, you can't deny the film's impact on holiday comedy over the past decade.

14. Batman Returns

Of course, this is an action movie that is not really about Christmas, despite the fact that the action takes place during the holidays. Tim Burton's second chance in the Batman movie has all the elements of his equally gothic Christmas tale The Nightmare Before Christmas, but this one is undoubtedly more violent, dangerous and sexy. We ask you to name a more memorable moment than with the mistletoe on the screen.

15. A Magical Christmas

Before the Netflix holiday movies came along, there was this now forgotten 1985 Disney episode in which the iconic Harry Dean Stanton plays an angel overseeing a struggling working-class family.
The mom, played by Mary Steenburgen, has some challenges as she learns the true meaning of Christmas. The film has a rare combination of tenacity and sentimentality, it is largely borrowed from the “Wonderful Life” and contains shades of & # 8220; Groundhog Day & # 8221 ;.

16. Christmas for two

Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding's romantic comedy from Paul Fig received heavy criticism in 2019, but the fact is, the film has more to offer than critics initially assumed. Despite the unexpected ending that not everyone liked, let's focus on the positive: this is a Christmas movie based entirely on the songs of George Michael. Combine that with the great chemistry between the protagonists and the utterly irrational Eastern European character played by Emma Thompson.

17. Diary of Bridget Jones

What could be more beautiful than a fight between two men (Hugh Grant and Colin Firth) over the heart of a beautiful lady against the background of falling snow. Renee Zellweger had to put on a lot of kilos for this role of a beautiful lady.

18. Prince for Christmas

The movie was one of Netflix's first forays into the holiday genre, and at first glance, it's total rubbish. A Prince for Christmas is actually the perfect Christmas movie. There is no plot to follow & # 8211; it's just filled with the Christmas spirit, enclosed in a very vague story about a journalist and an unholy prince meeting in a country that isn't even real.

19. Last Vacation

Georgia Byrd works as a humble kitchen utensil salesman. She treats knives and pots like a real chef, and one day, suddenly learning that her days are numbered, she decides to realize her old dream and goes to a fashionable European resort, where she is mistaken for a wealthy eccentric person. Realizing that she has nothing to lose, Georgia begins to behave extremely relaxed and defiant.

20. White deer

Just before Christmas, Suzanne's world is turned upside down when her husband, Jeff, unexpectedly dies. The situation becomes even more chaotic when she discovers that he is having an affair with a stripper, in which Suzanne finds an unlikely friend. This turns the film into a sweet, sad and obscene sex comedy.

21. Christmas

“Christmas” & # 8211; a mess, as you'd expect from any Seth Rogen movie, but it's also the most Christmas movie to include on your list. It's also the perfect story for those guys & # 8211; you know them, you may even be one of them, & # 8211; who simply refuse to grow up and eventually someone has to come and remind them that they are no longer children.

22. Four Christmases

Let's play Reese Witherspoon this Christmas. In this 2008 film, she and Vince Vaughn play a couple on a grand tour of all four of their divorced parents' homes. Have you ever wanted to analyze your childhood so badly?