Top 4 hidden reasons why not go the extra kilos


The expert explained, making it difficult to part with the extra kilos

Топ-4 скрытых причины, почему не уходят лишние кило

Nothing rasstraivaet losing weight as treacherous frozen at the disappointing figure of the scales. But the thing is, if we train and diet to comply with, and the weight does not go away? Expert in weight loss and nutrition Matushkina Kate knows the answer. She shared in instagram a list of hidden reasons that interfere with to get rid of extra pounds.

At first glance, these four reasons seem slight, but it is necessary to look closely and find that they hinder us on the path to harmony.

The top 4 reasons that prevent weight loss:

Failure to comply with the sleep mode

You can not lose weight just because the body is under stress due to lack of sleep. You want to lose weight time to sleep will have to look.

Inaccuracy in the calculations

This usually happens if you have to eat out. When you don’t know what the prepared dish in a cafe — is difficult to calculate the exact caloric content.

In these cafes is another danger coffee. But not coffee itself, and the supplements. Caught on the way latte with syrup, consider yourself lunch. So don’t forget to account for liquid calories. And not just “liquid”. Maybe you just forget to record some of the meals during the day?

And it is this: like all diet per day calculated, but not weighed. There is a “by eye” — doesn’t work when you want to lose weight.

Lack of discipline

You need to follow the meals, remember to snack, do not skip lunch. Because if you missed it — wait for the night the hunger of the guests. You automatically will eat for dinner any more than necessary.


Weight can stand still, if in the past you are fond of diets. The body needs to recover and put in order the metabolism. It takes time, so in any case do not reduce the daily calorie less than 20%.

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