Top 4 steps to health and slimness

Weight loss, healthy lifestyles and transition to proper nutrition is often mistaken for the whole complex of difficult events that you want to start with zavtrashnego day without right for mistake. It’s scary, and sometimes pushes those wishing to lead a healthy lifestyle and lose extra pounds, because the tasks seem to them not under force. Nutritionist Olga Usenko gave the example of the mandatory minimum for those who are going to get serious about health and appearance, and also listed the top 4 mandatory items that overpower everyone.

Топ-4 шага к здоровью и стройности

There is a maximum, which is needed for the result and good health. And there is a minimum that everyone can perform and which will not knock out of the ordinary graphics.

Low looks like this:

  • All digestion and its quality depends on the gut, and our immune system and our hormone production, and and mood. First of all we should take care of the digestive tract. To do this, we need to eat enough variety of fiber (vegetables, fruits, legumes, cereals, whole wheat bread) — it is for digestion.

And for the microflora we can introduce fermented foods and products “live”. Sauerkraut, yogurt, Kombucha, tofu, kefir, cheese is to maintain beneficial flora and increase the population.

  • Not just something you can add to get the result. You need something else to minimize it. Coffee, alcohol, sugar, white flour is what will irritate the nervous system, impair digestion and Deplete the body. Coffee — no more than one a day. Alcohol — not more than once a week and only good wine. Sugar one eating candy and remember that every taste will be the same. White flour — a maximum of a pita once in a period of time.
  • Water. Especially in cooler times we forget it. But this is our life. The water we use 30 ml per kg body weight in cold weather. And can safely be increased to 40 ml on hot days. You can check out some of the best vegetables for juicing and their benefits.
  • Sleep. That’s what makes each of us. Let’s do it efficiently. Go to 23 and sleep 7-8 hours. The nervous system is restored during sleep. And we all know all the problems from the nerves. If you want to be more sexier and outgoing, it’s time to try the True Pheromones products.

Is that perform is not difficult, and you will not notice how these rules become commonplace. Works 100% for the benefit of the body.