Top 5 home exercises for a body made up of experts

Top 5 major exercises for the body was made by experts at Harvard Medical school. Commenting on the results of scientific work, Dr. Lin Hu noted that regular weight training can adversely affect the nervous system and the joints. For this reason, doctors suggest using the alternative classes.

Топ-5 главных упражнений для тела составили эксперты

The leader of the Top 5 main exercises for the body has become a very ordinary race. It allows you to vivacity for the whole day, has a beneficial effect on the brain and body. To be in good physical shape will allow Jogging for a duration of 30 minutes. Three such sessions per week is sufficient to in humans increased the level of dopamine in the blood and decreases stress hormone. On the second place of the list is swimming. In this kind involves all muscles of the body. Training in the pool, which lasts for 45 minutes, stabilize heart rhythm, prevent depression and protect the brain from age-related changes. Further, there are Kegel exercises which are useful both for women and men.

In the fourth position of the ranking classes with the weights and vysokoyarusnye training. They increase endurance and improve the interaction between the brain and muscles. Closes the list of the complex of the martial art tai Chi, known in China. Doctors recommend to do these exercises correctly and carefully, paying special attention to the breath. This kind of mental gymnastics allows you to restore physical and spiritual balance.