Top 5 mistakes that make the sandwich bad for your figure and health

We all sometimes interrupted sandwiches. Not to add in the waist extra pounds and not to harm their health, it is important to know the reasons that make quite a healthy snack unhealthy.

5 главных ошибок, которые делают бутерброд вредным для фигуры и здоровья

  • Toasted bread

Yes, it is delicious, especially if butter. But it is better to refuse it. Experts recommend to fry the toast on a dry pan for about a minute.

  • No sauce

Yes, you can heal your sandwich and abandon the mayonnaise. But don’t go to extremes. Nutritionists advise to enrich your sandwich with sauces. For example, a perfect mixture of crushed cranberries and Apple cider vinegar, mustard, avocado puree ( but it is important to sprinkle it with lemon juice or lime powder and black pepper), Greek sauce with spices and without.

  • The filling is large chunks

Nutritionists recommend to chop vegetables, meat or ham as thinly as possible. So you more thoroughly you chew, will not fill the stomach with pieces of food and not be satisfied less. Convenient way to mix all the ingredients of a sandwich with sauce into a paste and smear it on the toast.

  • Too many fresh vegetables

Many believe that the more vegetables on the sandwich, the better. This is a misconception. Excess raw fibre is also harmful. It is better to put on the grill or make a couple. Moreover, tomatoes are most useful after heat treatment. It is also important to be sure to put on a sandwich any of proteins (a piece of boiled chicken or scrambled eggs).

  • Improper packing

A common mistake is to pack your snacks in plastic bags or disposable containers of plastic. Experts advise to abandon it. It is better to use a food foil, parchment or a reusable container.

Note that the sandwich ingredients, such as whole grain bread, natural cheese, avocado, pumpkin seeds and homemade cranberry sauce is a very healthy snack. It can even losing weight and people with chronic diseases.