Top 7 habits of Nadia Dorofeeva

The singer delighted fans with a new vloga

Топ-7 привычек Нади Дорофеевой

Nadia Dorofeeva used to regularly please their fans interesting videobloom, but recently the singer was not available at this time — she was busy preparing for a major concert of the group “Time and Glass”, which was held in Kiev on October 5. By the way, during the first live show, opening large-scale nationwide tour, VISLOVO, she flaunted on stage in a variety of striking images that left no one indifferent.

Now, however, the artist is freed a little more time and she finally shared a new blagom, which called, the 7 habits of what she does almost every day — well, and showed too.

So, the top 7 habits of Nadia Dorofeeva:

1. A glass of water in the morning

2. Of course, a Cup of latte too

3. Music in the morning

4. A conversation with the people in the car on the way to rehearsal

5. If you hit traffic or a long drive is to listen to audiobooks in the car

6. To see how things are going in my shop SoDodo. To try new things, to make a spectacular photo

7. Electrical stimulation of the muscles — that priest was like a walnut. Then sports training with a coach, though not every day

Video: VLOG