TOP sex-bomb women’s signs of the Zodiac, killing the men on the spot

ТОП интим-бомб женских знаков Зодиака, убивающих мужчин наповал

Female sexuality is dependent on many factors: health, hormonal balance, education, attitudes, beliefs, age, sexual experience, and, as it turns out, from the sign of the Zodiac. What features and preferences in love gives woman her zodiacal constellation, from what men really want her.

12. Capricorn: a tough cookie with a sweet heart

She is a real tough nut to crack! The path to sexual satisfaction with a female Capricorn is through the absolute trust of our partners. To fully open, she needs to trust, to feel confidence and to be confident in the partner 100!

When internal and external barriers disappear, the woman-Capricorn turns into a skillful mistress, which is a great pleasure to bring heavenly pleasure to the partner.

In the prelude to intimacy very handy to have champagne and furniture from real leather.

11. Taurus: with Petals of white roses…

For the conquest of woman-Taurus man will have to please her romantic nature. Better decorated with candles and rose petals to the bedroom or luxurious hotel rooms just don’t think! A glass of sparkling champagne or sparkling wine will be useful too. In the game of love don’t skimp on the caress of the neck and nape as these erogenous zones of the female Calves is particularly sensitive.

10. Fish: Even in the rain, even under the sun… if only there was a love

She was gentle and romantic. Heady scents, soft low music, gentle touch – something that will always be in place. To reach her heart need romance-a candlelight dinner, wine by the fireplace, walks under the moon.

Female Fish responds very well to everything connected with water: sea, pool, bath, shower, rain… In the game of love it’s tender and pliant.

The only condition: the woman must be in love.

9. Virgo: new Dress I made, the dress is white…

It has one interesting weakness: purity. Without the crystal-clean fresh bed linen will not do! Female-Virgo is very sensitive. It is extremely feels good partner, without words, aware of his desires and preferences and quickly find all of his erogenous zones. Another little weakness – sex in the bathroom and all that is connected with affection of the navel.

8. Leo: the Cat that walks by itself…

It is temperamental and bratty. She decides what, where, when and with whom. This wild representative of the family cat knows his worth. Men!

Be prepared to fork out! Well, at least on a luxurious four-poster bed in terribly expensive hotel-Suite or something like that.

Getting to love the game, don’t forget to massage and caress the Lioness back – she will appreciate it!

7. Aries: it’s Better to burn than to fade away

She’s passionate and determined. In bed, she prefers to take the initiative in their own hands. Her style love game – the speed and fire, regardless of where it takes place: in bed, in the Elevator, at work or in the lap of nature. Long foreplay darkened bedroom and quickly extinguish the fire. But she certainly will not abandon sensitive massage the scalp and earlobes.

6. Libra: I love you, crazy love!

The key to success is harmony and beauty. She is extremely sensitive to the choice of time, place and partner. If something does not fit into her vision of harmony – down the drain. With woman-Libra man should be magnanimous and generous in everything: gifts, affection, compliments.

It is extremely important to feel loved and cherished, often for her it is even more important than love itself. Let her feel the full force of his love!

In the game of love is never in a hurry – woman-Libra loves to play. Be creative! Her erogenous zone is posterior.

5. Cancer: a Candle was burning on the table, a candle burned…

It is important where THIS is going. The most comfortable and cozy she feels good in her familiar surroundings, preferably at home. Do not skimp on the flowers, candles, romantic music and lots of tender kisses it’s worth it! Woman-Cancer prefers to be in the game of love, the initiative came from the partner, and it just blooms and is disclosed in the ocean of his boundless passion.

4. Sagittarius: Sex as a journey and experiment

She is curious and inventive. Her motto in the game of love: wild passion to the extreme.

In private life she wants to learn as much as possible. She especially likes to experiment with poses. Prepared to try everything from the Kama Sutra to Tao.

Sex for woman-Sagittarius – like journey in a new unknown world. To help take its mind will help fondling and kissing of the thighs.

3. Gemini: I’ll be your hands to kiss!

Her changeable nature requires diversity in love. Sex in the same place at the same time, she quickly discourages any desire for intimacy. And cheap romance, it will not buy, well, except that sincere and fervent love letter. Kiss her hand! Ocypete kisses each finger! Mutual hugging, fondling, touching hands, stroking exactly what a woman needs-Twins.

2. Aquarius: And there crazy Empress…

She is very freedom, so a commitment to the freedom and intimate life. She is not against non-committal sex for one night. More representatives of any other sign Aquarius woman prone to cheating. In bed it does not satisfy jaded classic poses. Let your imagination run wild!

Be creative! The brighter, more skillful and unusual love play, the passionate and sensual to be your lover and the more pleasure you will get from the vicinity.

1. Scorpio: No taboos

She has no prejudices and taboos concerning sex. The only criterion her mood and desire. She knows exactly what turns her on parterre, but perversity and perseverance do not give it a go at someone on occasion. If she doesn’t want to, she won’t be anybody to please. Scorpion woman is not obsessed with sex. For months she could live in peace without any thoughts about intimacy, but only in order to the right moment to awaken the volcano of passion.