Topless Ostapchuk and Prokhorov lit flooring “Tanzu s with a stars”

A couple of men performed a passionate Paso Doble.

Полуобнаженные Остапчук и Прохоров зажгли паркет «Танців з зірками»

In the seventh broadcast of “Tanzu with with a stars,” in which the artists come to the floor with the other dancers, a new partner was surprised by Vladimir Ostapchuk.

The showman went to the floor with partner Anna Rizatdinova Alexander Prokhorov, with whom he performed a spectacular Paso Doble to the hit rag’n’bone Man Human, which was dedicated to the judge of the project Catherine Kuchar.

Interestingly, the male Duo appeared on stage with bare torsos, wearing only pants.

The dance of the two men was filled with a large number of hops, support and passionate movements that have marked and Vlad Yama.

“I’ve been very careful with how people listen to our reviews and today, finally, in the eyes of hamlet I saw passion. No matter what the man dance, but the result is. We waited. It was very masculine. Well done, great”, — noted in his comments Vlad Yama.

As a result of the evaluation of judges pairs total score was 28 points.