Tori is going to meet with building management to solve the increasing road accident (PHOTO)

Тори намерен встретиться со строительным руководством для решения проблемы участившихся ДТП (ФОТО)

Mayor John Tory announced plans to meet with representatives of the construction industry on the background of several recent accidents involving trucks, including yesterday, when a passenger came out of the tram.

Tori reported that the meeting will be held next Wednesday. According to him, he hopes that this will lead to “increasing training or improving security measures” that will help to reduce the number of accidents involving construction vehicles.

“Is obvious if you look at the statistics this year that this problem requires specific solutions, – he told reporters on Tuesday afternoon. – In addition to what we can do, there are aspects, which have to connect to them, as they are responsible for the people who run the trucks and employed in the construction. I hope this will be a productive meeting, and I will be able to ensure that they agreed on certain steps, whether it’s education or the strengthening of security measures, so we can stop this tragic series of incidents in our city.”

Tuesday morning in the area of Bathurst Street and Ulster Street truck was hit woman, goes out of the tram.

Eyewitnesses said that the tram driver honked unsuccessfully approaching the dump truck, trying to stop him.

A woman escaped serious injury, but others were not so lucky.

Earlier this month killed 54-year-old resident of Toronto under the wheels of a cement truck, traveling from Erskine Avenue to Yonge Street.

After this accident advisors Mike Coll, J. Robinson and Josh Matlow called for the suspension of construction projects in the area before the implementation of the security plan of the road.

On Tuesday, Tory said that the administration systematically has been redesigning junctions and reducing speed limits on some stretches of road as part of the campaign Vision Zero, aimed at ensuring the safety of pedestrians, but then added that “undoubtedly” need to do much more.