Toronto councillors accepted a proposal to condemn the Quebec act (PHOTO)

Советники Торонто приняли предложение осудить квебекский закон  (ФОТО)

Members of the city Council of Toronto voted against the law on secularism adopted by the government of québec, thus joining the growing scale of protests against the caller a lot of questions of legislative initiative.

In the proposal made by the Advisor Kristin Wong-Tam, refers to the organization of a national campaign to condemn “many of the adverse consequences of bill 21”.

The proposal adopted at the meeting of Council on Wednesday, also calls on the Federal government to condemn the law, which came into force in June.

In accordance with the new law, civil servants in managerial positions, such as teachers, judges and police officers are forbidden to wear religious symbols, including turbans, skullcaps, and hijabs.

The incident in Toronto reflects the decisions taken by the councilors in calgary, MISSISSAUGA and Winnipeg in recent weeks.

The Premier of Quebec françois LEGO stated that he was unhappy growing protest against bill 21, and it will continue to discuss this issue with their counterparts in other provinces.